High Protein Sattu Makhana Ladoo / bites.

Easy and quick energy bites are a go to snack that doesn’t requires any efforts and keeps you sorted for at least a week.
Be it a mid-meal snack or a cup of tea, it goes with all. They are high in protein, fiber, and plenty of micronutrients that kickstart your day with great levels of energy.


  • Increases immune system strength.
  • Bone strength is increased.
  • They are suitable during the summer since they are cooling.
  • Helps keep blood sugar levels stable.
  • It could benefit heart health.
  • It helps with managing and losing weight.
  • It lowers cholesterol levels.


Sattu1 cup
Phool makhana1.5 cups
Melon seeds 2.5 tbsp.
Soft dates3/4 cup
Grated coconut3/4 cup
Virgin raw cold pressed coconut oil/ Heated Desi cow ghee1/4 cup


  1. The phool makhana should first be dry-roasted in a pan.
  2. Add dry-roasted coconut and desiccated coconut to it.
  3. Put the two ingredients on a plate.
  4. Finally, dry roast the sattu flour and extinguish the flame.
  5. Now combine the desiccated coconut and dry roasted makhana in a blender jar.
  6. Add deseeded dates and dry-roasted sattu to it as well.
  7. Well-grind everything.
  8. Transfer everything that has been ground into the Bowl.
  9. Now add ghee/coconut oil to it.
  10. Mix it well until it is bindable.
  11. Divide the mixture into small portions, roll them out with the help of hands
  12. And your healthy and tasty Sattu Makhana Ladoos are ready!


  • Protein, fiber, iron, calcium, manganese, and magnesium are all added benefits to Sattu.
  • Phool makhana is extremely low in fat and high in protein and fiber. They are a fantastic source of calcium as well.
  • Along with being a wonderful source of potassium and calcium, melon seeds are also a fantastic source of vitamin E and beta-carotene, two naturally occurring antioxidants.
  • Dates are bursting with antioxidant, carotene, and phenolic benefits.
  • Along with being high in copper, iron, and selenium, coconut is particularly high in manganese.


1150 Kcal244 gm48 gm26 gm

Serve= 13-14

Calories= 88 Kcal/serve.

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