July Weight Loss Challenge

Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing good are keeping happy and healthy. It’s time to step it up. This is the article for the july weight loss challenge. This article includes weight loss, diet and lifestyle strategies to set daily goals and daily tasks to complete. This month we also focus on energy, immunity and mindfulness. You can call the july weight loss challenge as a freash start. More than half of the year has passed. This is the time when we start feeling fatigue and lay off our weight loss goals. That is extactly why we need a fresh start to rejuvenate and rekindle the spark inside us.


  • Just as earlier we ensure that we eat slowly
  • Along with eating slowly, we also eat regular meals
  • These meals will be had in the eating window
  • We’ll soon share the july weight loss diet plan

Diet Strategies

  • Make sure you have 5-6 small meals instead of 2-3 heavy meals
  • Eating small meals including snacks will ensure that the diegstion of food happens faster and your body gets constant energy
  • We’ll continue to follow intermittent fasting from a window of atleast 14 : 10 to upto a window of 16 : 08
  • July will include slow carbs diet
  • The portion of protein in the diet will be from moderate to high
  • The fat content in the diet will be from moderate to low
  • Bitter food like methi, karela, jamun seed juice and neem will be included in the diet
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables will be included in the diet
  • Make sure you stay hydrated at all times with herbal tea, detox water and soups
  • Your diet should have a number of herbs and spices, the recipes of these herbs and spices have been shared on the website
  • You should optimise the use of caffeine in your diet
  • Antioxidants and important vitamins like vitamin C, D will form a part of the diet in abundance
  • Other important ingredients like zinc and iron etc will be included in the diet in appropriate portion

Energy Boosting Strategies

  • Make sure that after every meal, you take short walks
    • This will ensure that the food gets digested early
  • Don’t be lazy and keep lying down doing nothing around the house.
    • Find constructive things to do and be constantly on the move
  • Make sure you complete 10,000 steps in a day
  • Keep your workouts short and well planned
    • The workouts should be from 10-20 minutes
  • Afternoon power naps of 15-25 minutes are recommended
  • Use caffeine to maximise it’s benefits
    • Upto 1-2 cups a day is recommended
    • Don’t use big mugs to consume tea / coffee, that way you lose count of how much caffeine you’ve had
  • Consume your herbal tea post your meals and walks
  • Make sure you don’t multitask, concentrate on one thing at a time
  • Incorporate the right breathing techniques (for eg belly breathing)
  • Mkake sure you sleep for minimum 7-8 hours in a day
  • Don’t get stressed out, try to manage these stress situations calmly
  • Make optimum use of your time
  • Avoid oily, refined and processed food

Mind Clearing Strategies

  • Delete atleast 05 applications from your phone
    • 1-2 social media applications
    • 1-2 shopping applications
    • 1-2 news applications
  • Take a digital detox everyday for atleast 05 hours
  • Use this time for self development
  • Spend some time organising your work space
  • Stay in the present moment

Habit Tracking Strategies

  • Make sure you track your habits daily
  • This will allow you understand how much are you able to achieve and also identify areas where you need to improve
  • A sample chart for habit tracking is given under
Post Meal Snacks       
Digital Detox       
10,000 steps       
9 glasses water       
No refined food       
4 serving veggies       
10 min cleanup       
Limit social media       

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