What I Eat & Drink In A Day

What I Eat And Drink In a Day : My 1200 Calorie Diet And Meal Plan

In this article, I’ll talk about what I eat and drink in a day. I’ll  also talk about the kind of food items I’m focusing on consuming. This meal plan is a 1100-1200 calorie meal plan. I am currently following the time restricted method of eating.

Detox water

  • I consume 3 glasses of warm water immediately after waking up
  • I also prepare my detox water to be consumed during the rest of the day
  • I focus on all liquids I consume
  • These fluids help me stay hydrated during the course of the day

Surya Namaskar

  • My morning workout routine includes surya namaskar
  • I also include some other light exercises in the morning workout
  • Morning workout for me is generally about aerobics and agility training

Morning energiser

  • My morning energiser is fennel seeds
  • 1 tsp fennel seeds contains about 9 calories
  • Generally anything containing less than 20 calories can be consumed during the fasting window
  • Make sure you chew down the fennel seeds after drinking the water

Immunity Booster

  • After my energiser drink, I consume my immunity booster drink
  • This drink is generally a plant based drink which also contains a number of anti oxidants

My 1st meal of the day

  • First meal if the day for me is generally very light
  • Today it consisted of 6 overnight soaked almonds and 1 tsp soaked raisins
  • These together conatin about 72 calories
  • Apart from this, I also consumed 2 cups of watermelon
  • I consume the watermelon roughly after 20 minutes of having almonds
  • The watermelon roughly contains about 102 calories


  • About an hour later, I have my Indian chai cup with roasted chana
  • This delicious cup of tea with the chana contains about 120 calories


  • My lunch consisted of kaddus sabzi, 2 boiled  eggs, roti, raita and jaggery
  • I have mu lunch around 1330 hours
  • This lunch caontains about 380 calories

Post lunch drink

  • My post lunch drink consists of lemon peel herbal tea
  • This tea helps in better digestion
  • It also energises and boosts the food metabolism in the body

Evening workout

  • My evening workout is around 1700 hours
  • This workout generally consists of strength training

Evening drink

  • My evening drink consists of golden milk
  • This contains about 130 calories


  • I finish my day with dalia vegetable soup for dinner
  • This soup contains about 278 calories

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