Lifestyle Changes To Stay Fit And Healthy

There are certain lifestyle changes which one should make to stay fit and healthy. Taking good care of the body is imperative to prevent health problems. Making these changes will also improve any underlying health issues which one might have. Let’s look at these small but important lifestyle changes which you should make

Balance it out

  • You must try and maintain a healthy balance in your lifestyle
  • Eat nutritious meals which includes items from all food groups
  • Do moderate to high intensity workout for minimum 40 minutes daily
  • Consistency however is the key for workouts, make sure that you religiously carry out these workouts
  • To achieve calorie deficit for weight loss, use both diet and workout to cut down calories
  • On a average, try to burn 250 calories with physical activity and cut down 250 calories from diet everyday to lose weight
  • Focus on NEAT (Non exercise activity thermogenesis) to get best results

Chew food properly

  • This point might seem like a mundane and very small point, however chewing food properly is must for your digestive health
  • Take smaller bites and eat slowly
  • Make sure you eat without any distractions
  • Benefits of chewing food properly
  • Food gets more exposure to your saliva, means more enzymes are present to breakdown food
  • You absorb more nutrients and energy from your food
  • It is easier to digest food and utilize it fully
  • It is good for your teeth
  • Less excess bacteria lingers in your intestines
  • You tend to enjoy your food more

Top it up with fibre

  • Eat more fruits, veggies and while grains which are naturally high in fibre
  • Optimal amount of fibre in the diet is a must for better digestion and elimination
  • Fibre works as prebiotic to improve your gut health
  • Fibre is also important to control blood sugar levels
  • While you increase your fibre intake, ensure you stay adequately hydrated to prevent constipation

Healthy snacking

  • Eat snacks which are filling and high in protein
  • Nuts, seeds, roasted chana, homemade energy bars or ladoos are some good examples of healthy snacks

Get adequate rest

  • Good quality and quantity of sleep is a essential part of healthy lifestyle
  • Poor sleep patterns can lead to hormonal imbalance in the body leading to increase in cortisol hormones and hunger hormones
  • Minimum 7-8 hours of sleep is important to boost immunity, maintain good mental health and improve productivity

Strength training

  • With cardio, you may burn more calories but to gain muscle strength, endurance and healthy joints, you must start to focus on strength training
  • Females especially should pay extra attention to include strength training in their workout regime

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