March Weight Loss Challenge

Here are all the diet, workout and productivity related tips that you need to lose weight and stay fit in the summers. Our focus fir the month of march will be to prepare ourselves physically and mentally for the upcoming season. We’ve also highlighted all the food which you must include in your diet. The workout strategies which you can follow apart from eating nutrient rich food. Apart from this, you’ll also find tips for improving your activity levels and be more organised by managing the time and space better.

Food to incude in your diet in march

  • Methi seeds water (soak the seeds in the water, consume the water and chew the seeds as well)
  • Super green juices or water (moringa, barley gram, wheat grass)
  • Probiotics (curd, ambli, apple cider vinegar)
  • Giloy and amla juice
  • Barley and ragi
  • Food high in water content (fruits and vegetables)
  • Chia seeds in different recipes
  • Ginger herbal tea
  • Include papaya in the diet
  • Include more sprouts in the diet as source of protein (moong, chana, kulthi sprouts)

Diet strategies to lose weight

  • Start consuming 5 small meals in a day
  • Include summer drinks in the diet (enjoy as mid meal snack)
  • Observe fasting window of 13 : 11 (13 hours fasting and 11 hours eating window)
  • Open your fast with a fruit
  • Have early dinner
  • Keep healthy snacks in your sight
  • Prepare a meal plan and try to stick  to it
  • Avoid processed and junk food (may cause serious indigestion)
  • Enjoy herbal tea and limit your consumption of caffeine
  • Enjoy more salads
  • Stay hydrated (enjoy coconut water)

Workout strategies

  • Don’t workout under fan or AC
  • Exercise 5-6 days in a week, one or two days off are a must for recovery
  • Keep workout short and effective (20-40 minutes)
  • Walk (start with morning and evening walks)
  • It is better to exercise in the morning
  • Stay hydrated during the workout
  • Avoid doing very long workout empty stomach
  • Go for HIIT or Tabata
  • Must do yoga and stretching once a week

How to get up early ?

  • Set an early evening routine
  • Wind up on time, enjiy an early dinner
  • Don’t hit the bed in a rush
  • Do reading or any other relaxing activity before bed
  • Pray gratitude and do small meditation or deep breathing
  • No screen time for atleast 1-2 hours before bed time
  • Have a fixed sleep and wake up time to allow your biological clock to get in tune with your routine
  • Sleep for alleast 7-8 hours to boost and restore energy for the next day

Stress busting strategies

  • Perform meditation, deep breathing or just sit in silence for a few minutes every day
  • Do digital detox 4-5 hours in a day
  • Reorganise your wardrobe, your room and your kitchen
  • Give your kitchen a fresh start for the season

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