March Weight Loss Diet Plan

Here is the two weeks diet plan for march weight loss challenge. This diet plan is easy to follow and will assist you in losing weight. With the changing weather, it is imperative that we also make changes in the diet plan accordingly. While there is no magical elixir to lose, eating healthy diet comprising of food which have inherant immunity boosting qualities will assist you in the process of weight loss. This diet plan includes a lot of fruits, vegetables and is meant to keep  you staying well in the month of march

March weight loss diet strategies

  • This diet plan is prepared keeping the summer months in mind
  • It will help you go through the transition period smoothly
  • Do not drop your guard in this changing season
  • This diet plan will assist you in buliding immunity and fight infections at the same time
  • Diet strategies
  • Start consuming five small meals in a day
  • Follow fasting window of 13 : 11
  • Open your fast with a fruit
  • Have early dinner
  • Prepare a meal plan and stick to it
  • Avoid processed and junk food
  • Enjoy herbal tea and limit your consumption of caffeine
  • Consume more salads and vegetables
  • Stay hydrated
  • Include the following in your diet
  • Morning drink              :                  Methi seeds water
  • Super green juices        :                  Barley grass, amla giloy and moringa
  • Mid morning snack       :                  Any one seasonal fruit, coconut water
  • Post lunch                   :                  Herbal tea (ginger, cardamom)
  • Probiotics                    :                  Kanji, ambli and apple cider vinegar
  • Detox water                :                  To increase water consumption
  • Evening snack              :                  Chana, phool makhana, energy bars
First WeekBreakfastLunchDinner
MonOats ragi chillaBarley khichdi and raitaRoti, sabzi and salad
TueSprouts, corn and tomato mixtureDal, rice, sabzi / salad and one bowl curdSweet carrot jaggery daliya
WedABC juice apple / pear beet carrotMix vegetables saladVegetable stew
ThrusVegetable pohaKala chana, roti, sabzi with curdBarley vegetable mix
FriBanana peanut butter smoothieRagi roti, sabzi, salad and curdSoy curry, roti and salad
SatIdli sambharRajma, rice, salad and curdGrilled panner with veggies
SunPaneer stuffed paranthaLove mealPlain moong dal khichdi
Second WeekBreakfastLunchDinner
MonMissi roti (besan and wheat with methi)Sprouts vegetable saladRoti, sabzi and salad
TueRagi malt smoothieChana dal lauki, roti, salad and curdBarley mix veg dalia
WedGreen juiceMix vegetables saladVegetable stew
ThrusOats upmaBarley mix veg pulao with curdGrilled panner / tofu with vegetables
FriMoong dal chillaRaw papaya saladSabzi, ragi roti and salad
SatDosa chutney and sambharChole, rice, salad and raitaDaliya vegetable soup
SunPaneer toast (whole wheat bread)Love mealMix veg lentil soup

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  1. Hello…I saw this article on March weight loss plan.y weight is 76kg n I am 45years old female..I saw u r article n wank to know that should I follow this diet plan it is helpful for me to loss fat store in stomach n hip part plz suggest me some excercise or yoga to lose fat on this part.i am waiting for your reply.

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