Top Belly Fat Loss Foods!

Today food fitness and fun brings you something very basic. You should add these healthy foods to your diet for reducing belly fat & on top of that to promote digestion. These foods basically works on the principle of reducing fat accumulation in the body.

Here is the list of the amazing foods:

Fresh Curd / Yogurt

Homemade curd is a very good option to be consumed alone as a mid meal snack or along with a whole meal such as breakfast or lunch. Not only does it eases digestion, but on top of that it is enriched with the goodness of good bacteria which is extremely beneficial for a good gut health. Curd is a probiotic and is a great source of protein and calcium too. It can help you cure many digestive disorders. It makes you feel full, and the best part is that it is low in sugar content too.
Tip: You can enhance its taste by addition of spices or seasonings as per your choice.

Fennel Seeds / Saunf

Fennel seeds are known to enhance your digestive health when you chew it. It is said better to consume fennel seeds post-meal. The best way to consume it is to dry roast it until it releases aroma, and then consume it alone or along with some rock sugar for enhanced taste.

Super Greens

All the authentic super greens are known to nourish your overall body, and ease digestive health. These super greens are not only high in fiber, but iron, and ample number of antioxidants. They also helps in detoxification of the body.

Bitter Foods

Bitter foods may include foods such as: Methi, Ajwain, karela, and turmeric etc. These are known to detoxify the body and ease digestive problems. They promotes eight loss too.

High Water Content Foods

Foods with higher water content such as cucumber, Pineapple, lettuce, Pear, Capsicum, Broccoli, Radish, carrot, orange etc.
These are known to prevent digestive problems. These vegetables and fruits are high in fiber as well, and helps in achieving weight loss.


Papaya is a blessing for your stomach. This fruit contains maximum fiber out of all fruits and is always prescribed to patients with digestive problems. It is know to ease digestive issues, along with detoxification, enhanced skin, and much more health benefits.


The two topmost grains that I always recommend for weight loss are:


Oats is a wholesome food in itself. It is enriched with the goodness of good protein, high fiber, and complex carbohydrates, along with being rich in essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, zinc, and selenium.

Pseudo Gain : Quinoa

It is jam-packed with the goodness of high protein, complex carbs and plenty of micronutrients.
But if you are not a big fan of the above two grains, then you can also go for Amaranth, or Seasonal millets like ragi, bajra, barley.

Ginger / Adrak

Never underestimate the power and benefits of this food by its size. Ginger is well known to relieve bloating and indigestion.

Cinnamon/ Dalchini

Cinnamon : Health Benefits, Nutrition, Usage
Cinnamon : Health Benefits, Nutrition, Usage

Cinnamon is extremely high in antioxidants and compounds that suppress fat storage and also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. You can introduce this spice in smaller quantities in your diet during summers and gradually increase it in winters.

Fermented foods for probiotics

Apple cider vinegar, and fermented products helps in maintaining good gut health and aura, which in turn helps in achieving flat belly.


Almonds are a great source of nutrients that support your overall health of the body. It is better when consumed soaked.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Moderation

Omega-3 should be included in the diet by adding some sources such as chia seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts, fish/fish oil, and soya. These help in reducing belly at promotes overall health of the body.

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