30 Days Full Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan For September Loose upto 10 kgs!

Unlike other months, we have again simplified it for you and here is another month’s weight loss diet plan for 30 days.
We can open doors for you, but entering that door is in your hands. This is yet another master diet plan, which is well balanced, delicious and very healthy. Not only it can be prepared in very less time and efforts, but it will also aid in weight loss and building a healthy lifestyle if accompanied by some physical activity, and consistency.

Before we hop onto the diet plan, let’s quickly have a look at the already discussed “Weight Loss Challenge Habits” for this month:

  1. Chew your food for minimum of 20 times.
  2. Only homemade snacks & planning your snacks ahead.
  3. Click pictures of your food & share it.
  4. Eat veggies & high quality complete protein in all your main meals.
  5. Food logging for 3 consecutive days.
  6. Stay hydrated by consuming at least 10 glasses of fluid.

Now, it is time to start discussing the diet plan. For the starting of the day, here are 2 options for morning drinks:


For 1st 15 Days. Start your day with plain Lukewarm water.
Followed by consuming Ajwain & Fennel Water . It is composed of 1/8 tsp Ajwain & 1/2 tsp Fennel Seeds. Soak in slightly warm water overnight, consume in morning. If possible, chew the seeds.

For Next 15 Days. Start your day with plain Lukewarm water.
Followed by Pinch of Cinnamon in Lukewarm water with Rock Salt.

1st Meal

We need to break the fast with a small meal that can be:

  1. 5 soaked almonds or 1 Walnut.
  2. 6 soaked raisins or 1 Fig.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

1st Week of September.

MondayOats, apple, peanuts, and date smoothie.Seasonal vegetable salad with 1/2 cup sprouted moong dal.Dalia khichdi with 1 cup veggies.
TuesdayBesan and sooji cheela with egg/low fat paneer bhurji.Chana dal, sabzi, roti, and curd.Tomato and beetroot soup with grilled veggies and tofu, and roti (optional).
WednesdaySteamed sprouts and peanuts veggies masala mix.Lobia dal with vegetable salad + roti.Multigrain khichdi with veggies.
Thursday1 cup veggies with 1 cup poha and peanuts.Moong dal idli and sambhar with chutney.Soya sabzi with roti and salad.
FridayDetox smoothie.Seasonal vegetable salad.Vegetable stew.
Saturday2 besan cheese toast.Rajma chawal with salad.Lite lentil soup with quick oats and veggies.
Sunday1 cup veggies with ragi cheels.LOVE MEALMoong dal khichdi.

2nd Week of September.

MondayDalia upma with veggies.Quinoa kala channa salad with lemon mint dressing.Pumpkin soup with grilled paneer and veggies.
TuesdayMoong dal and sooji cheela with veggies.Whole masoor dal, veggies, dahi and roti.Clear soup with grilled veggies and roti.
WednesdayOats upma with veggies.Ragi mudde/roti with moong dal, veggies, and buttermilk.Pumpkin soup with veggies and 1 multigrain roti.
ThursdayRagi, apple, and carrot smoothie.Kala chana curry, sabzi, roti and dahi.Paneer roti roll with veggies.
FridayDetox smoothie.Seasonal vegetable salad.Quinoa khichdi with veggies.
Saturday1 stuffed parantha.Chole chawal with salad.Quinoa khichdi with veggies.
SundayIdli with peanut and coconut chutney.LOVE MEAL.Moong dal khichdi.

Apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner, we all feel a urge to eat in between the meals, and so that we don’t hop onto unhealthy processed or junk foods, we have in list some mid meal snacks.


  1. 1 cup fresh curd.
  2. 1 serving of any seasonal fruit.
  3. Veggies with hummus.
  4. Green fruit / veggies smoothies.


  1. Roasted Gur Chana.
  2. Roasted Makhana.
  3. Moon Milk.
  4. Turmeric Milk.
  5. Homemade Ladoo.
  6. Homemade energy bars.
  7. Zero oil Panjiri.
  8. Corn chaat.
  9. Homemade Namkeen.
  10. Rice cakes with peanut butter.
  11. Nut butter roll.
  12. Puffed grains.

This was all about the main and the mid meals. In order to loose weight, it is useful to drink some kind of post-meal tea also.


  1. Green tea 40-45 minutes post breakfast
  2. Herbal ( ginger, clove tea) 30-40 min post lunch.


You can consume a cup of wholesome turmeric tea that will be helpful in providing relief from any kind of stress and also helps in sleeping easily.

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