जैसा ब्लड ग्रुप, वैसा डायट प्लान! Blood Group Diet To Lose Weight & Belly Fat !

The Blood Type Diet was created by Dr. James D’Adamo, a naturopathic doctor, in the 1980s.
The Diet Was popularized by his son and fellow naturopathic doctor, Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo in his Book “ Eat Right 4 Your Type” which was published in 1996.
The book was a huge success, it was a New York Times Best seller, and sold over 10 million copies.
It is claims that if you eat as per your blood type it can change your lives:

  • It can improve your digestion
  • Increase energy and immunity
  • Help promote weight loss
  • It reduces the chance of having chronic diseases.

The published book on “The Blood Type Diet” was a hit due to the way it was written, clearly explained, and summarized.

What is a blood type diet ?

Here are all the details about how it works!
Every blood group type was given a set of parameters to follow.

Blood TypesWhat To Eat?What To Avoid?Exercise
A Type ( Vegan diet, Farmer)Fruits, veggies, tofu, whole grain.Meat, dairy, kidney beans.Yoga, tai chi.
B Type ( Nomad)Fruits, low fat dairy, seafood, grain, veggies, meat.No chicken & pork. Wheat, corn peanut, sesame seeds, buckwheat.Moderate training in cardio and strength.
AB Type ( Mix of AB)Veggies, Dairy, fruits, meat, fish, tofu.Chicken, corn, wheat, kidney beans.Mix of yoga, cardio and strength.
O Type ( Hunter)High protein diet, meat, veggies some fruits.Limit grains, beans avoid wheat corn dairy.Hard core vigorous training.

The theory behind this diet is that blood type is closely tied to our ability to digest certain types of foods.
Evidences behind giving blood group diet:

Our Blood Type Represents our genetic traits of our ancestors.

  • O type Oldest and most common blood type belonging to the old age of hunters.
  • A Type Farmers or agricultural age eating mostly organically grown veggies and fruits
  • B Type Nomad / Tribes, included some plant, dairy and some animal food.
  • AB Mix of Farmers & Nomad Diet.


Lectin is a family of protein. It’s considered an anti nutrient as it can have affect on you gut lining by binding with sugar molecules in your body.
Lectins are present in uncooked legumes, some seeds etc.

Blood Type & Allergies

Different people with different blood groups are prone to different allergies.

People with certain blood types have high or lower risk of developing certain diseases.

A type : Have high risk of heart disease, & low immunity.
O Type : Low risk of heart disease but high risk of stomach ulcer.
B Type : Strong immune system and “balanced” nervous system.

Do Blood Type Diet Really Works?

Yes, lots of people came forward & claimed that they lost weight with a blood type diet.
However, the actual reasons can be avoiding junk, high sugar, unhealthy fat and packaged & processed food from diet. Also, they included the suggested Exercise in their regime.
All Blood Group Diets are clean & beneficial in their own ways.
Avoiding gluten, heavy legumes and dairy may help some people in improving their digestive health.

Downsides of Blood Group Diet?

  • A lot of research and studies have been conducted so far that have proved that there isn’t any solid fact or evidence to establish the True benefits of blood type diet.
  • It is a restrictive diet, which is difficult to maintain and sustain.
  • It does not include food from all food groups, which is a major drawback.
  • Avoid food groups without proper knowledge & guidance as it can lead to nutritional deficiencies in the long run.

This was a brief overview of what a “Blood Type Diet” is !

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