What I Eat In a Day ? My Summer Diet as Dietician (1500 – 1600 Calories Diet)

As I dietitian, I am frequently asked about “What I Eat In A Day”?
So as per summer season, what all changes, add-ons, and summery foods and drinks I have added into my diet, you can have a look at it.
Always remember a diet shall always be sustainable, the diet which you can not continue for a lifetime, that is defined as a fad diet!
Here is a very easy diet, similar to what I consume usually.

I start my mornings with a fresh fruit, that could be any seasonal fruit of your choice, but I prefer watermelon (1 cup) which provides approximately 50 Kcal, around 7:00 am in the morning.
Fruit consumption throughout the day, beginning in the morning, will help to eliminate toxins and cleanse your system, resulting in weight loss.

Moving onto the breakfast, I prefer consuming something fulfilling and healthy, for example today I had Vegetable Poha. I prepare it by sautéing onions in mustard oil, loading it with lots of veggies, and some desiccated Coconut.
Poha along with veggies is a wholesome meal jam-packed with the goodness of healthy carbs, fiber, and plenty of essential vitamins and minerals required to kickstart your day. This breakfast was about 310 Calories when I consumed 3/4 Cup Vegetable Poha With 1 Whole Egg + 1 Egg White. You can completely avoid egg if you don’t consume it. Egg is an excellent source of protein which when combined with poha completes the meal perfectly.

After a healthy and delightful breakfast, I start working and around 11:00 am, I prepare my very easy to make and consume “Mid Meal Snack”: Midmeal Vegetable Snack Platter (105 Calories), which includes:
2 Carrots
2 Tsp Homemade Hummus
1 Cucumber
Seasoning : Pink Salt, Black Pepper, Dried Herbs and Lemon.

Then I pick up my son from school & buy some fresh and seasonal fruits on my way back home.
I Got Our Season’s First Mangoes today, Yayyy!!

After my mid-meal snack, I consumed a Fresh Tender Coconut Water on the Way around 12:45 pm.
Coconut Water has around 45 Calories.
It’s really warm in Delhi, Hence I always try to stay hydrated, and that is very important. So make sure you drink water/ coconut water/ lemon water/ anything to keep your body hydrated.

For Lunch that is around 1:30PM, I had Idli and Sambhar in proportion:
2 Idlis + 2 Tsp Peanut coconut Chutney + Sambar + Tamarind Chutney.
This yummy and nutritional Lunch yields 310 Calories.

As a Post Lunch Drink, around 1:45 pm, I prepared Sattu Masala Chaas / Butter Milk which is composed of:
4-5 Tbsp Dahi
2 tsp Sattu / Roasted Chana Flour
I always use hand churner for making Chaas
Rock salt, black pepper, roasted cumin powder
Some cold water & Ice
Some Fresh Mint Leave
It’s High Protein, Great For Digestion, Filling & Super Delicious. What else do we want for summers! This summery cooling drink was of 170 calories.

Around 4:00 PM, for the evening snack, I consumed Homemade Coconut Cocoa Milk with one Date and Puffed Barley, that yielded approximately 210 calories.

I consume dinner early as it helps you lower blood pressure, provide better sleep, improve digestion, aids in better metabolism to reduce obesity and many chronic diseases risk
I have my dinner around 6:30 pm. I had Cauliflower Rice With Grilled Veggies & Low Fat Paneer as my dinner which yielded 280 Calories.

And in this manner, I completed my healthy, tasty, well balanced diet along with daily 10,000 Steps target as well. Hurray !

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  1. Thank you for one day diet glimpse. Very helpful. Can you please share in the printed format two weeks diet plan you used to share on your website like before. It will be really helpful for us to have a guidance like thing.

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