30 Days Weight Loss Challenge; Lose Upto 10 Kgs in September.

Small habits contribute big changes. So here I have come back again with another “WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENEGE” for you all for the month of september.
Here are some very easy and simple ways to lose massive weight.

  • Chew your food for minimum 20 times. Set a window of 20 minutes to finish your main meal. Complete your meal in appropriate time, neither very fast not very slow. Put down your spoon after every meal, so as to give your mouth adequate time to chew the food.
  • Consume only homemade snacks & planning your snacks ahead. Snacking is a necessity, but to lose weight you have tp make sure that you chose and cook your snack by your own at home. Store-purchased snacks are processed and contains ample number of additives, which are harmful for you. Also try to plan you snacks before hand so that you stay focused on the track and don’t get a chance to consume cheat meals in sake of not having an option. Make sure to cook healthy ready to eat snacks at home, there are tones of recipes on net today for your ease.
5 Phool Makhana Snacks Recipe
  • Walk for minimum 60 minutes daily. Try to walk moderate to high doing morning ang evenings, and along with that try to do slow post meal walks. Try to gradually increase from 10k Steps to 11-12k steps.
  • Click pictures of your food & share it. Use Healthy Plating method ( protein in 1/4 plate, complex carbs in 1/4, 1/2 plate full of Veggies & probiotics ). Use #fitmealphoto @foodfitnessnfun for sharing. This sharing of pictures keeps you motivated to stay on track and never lose hope.
  • Teach 1-3 Healthy Habits to others ( Family or friends). Learn and make people learn. Learn, understand the philosophies of being healthy, and then help people understand, how important is it to stay healthy in today’s time. This will not only make you feel good, but at the same time help the one who even didn’t thought it the way it should be.
  • Eat vegetables & high quality complete protein in all your main meals. Fiber and protein are very very important for weight loss. If you can’t fully plan a proper balanced diet, then at least try to consume fiber in the form of vegetables and any good quality source of protein to make it least near to the balanced meal, and an adequate one for weight loss.
  • Food Logging for 3 consecutive days. Eat Normally on those 3 Days. Write down whatever you consume. Calculate total calories & macro nutrients. Compare with maintenance calories. Your maintenance calories are : your weight in pond * 10, as I have discussed in my previous articles as well. This helps you get an idea of what are you consuming, what you need to, and what are the areas for improvement.
  • Unplug once in a week ( spend time on your self & with your loved ones). It is very necessary to spend time with one’s inner self, it helps you in healing and detoxifying the negative vibes, which in turns help in relieving stress that is a biggest inhibitor in the journey of weight loss.
  • Minimum of 20 minutes daily cleanup. We are so busy in our lives that we don’t get time to detoxify our surroundings. Simply put, it is very important to clean and declutter you surrounding in order to create fresh vibes to breathe in. So no matter how busy you are, always take out time for your surroundings!
  • Take 7-8 hours of good quality sleep. I can’t stress enough on how important and necessary is a good and sound sleep for your body to function at its best capacity. No matter whatever you do, but if you are not giving your body the desirable amount of rest, everything goes to vain.
  • Spend 10 minutes on doing breathwork & meditation daily. Deep breathing can assist soothe and reduce emotional instability in your head in addition to reversing the physical stress response in your body. In fact, research have shown that breathwork and meditation is effective in treating anxiety, and depression. You can achieve a more profound state of awareness with breathwork.
  • Stay hydrated; Consume at least 10 glasses of fluid everyday. Staying hydrated doesn’t needs a particular reason, whether or not reaching out for weight loss habits, you still should be adequately hydrated no matter what!
  • Stretches & HIIT workout. Exercise and physical activity is as important as a healthy diet, so move. Moving is good for the overall health and wellness of the body. It makes you feel light and good, and obviously helps in weight loss or management, or even weight gain; what so ever are you looking for!

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  1. Thanks for your September challenge weight loss plan. But i didn’t get where i can find table with meals and recipes.

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