July Weight Loss Diet for Best Results!

As promised, here is the Indian Monsoon or Rainy Season Diet plan to Boost immunity & metabolism.

If you are someone who is trying to lose weight, then I have sorted it for you! But you need to make sure that many factors go hand in hand when you are on journey of weight loss/ healthy lifestyle. Those factors are eating right on right time in right portions, exercising, managing stress levels, and maintaining hormonal balance.

Morning Drink for the month of July 2022

  • First 15 Days :- Soak 1/2 tsp Methi Dana in Water overnight, Drink water in morning & Chew seeds
  • Next 15 Days :- Soak 1/4 tsp Jeera seeds in Water Overnight, Drink water next morning & if possible chew seeds.

Diet Plan for 1st Week of July.

MondayBesan cheela, tomato chutney and veggies.Ragi roti and dal with veggies and curd.Grilled paneer and veggies.
TuesdayOats jamun smoothie.Chana dal, sabzi, and roti.Quinoa khichdi.
Wednesday (Detox)Seasonal fruit serving.Mix veg salad.Vegetable stew.
ThursdayMoong dal veg omelette.Little millet/ Amaranth mix veg salad with lemon dressing.Paneer/ tofu vegetable roll and side veggies.
FridaySabudana khichdi, veggies, and peanuts.Mix veg boiled kala chana salad and lemon dressing.Pumpkin sabzi, roti, and side veggies.
SaturdayRagi cheela, and peanut chutney.Rajma with quinoa salad.Soy gravy with veggies and roti.
SundayStuffed parantha and veggies.Love meal.Moong dal khichdi.

Diet Plan for 2nd Week of July.

MondayMultigrain cheela (Besan, oats) with egg/paneer stuffing.Paneer vegetable dalia pulao.Quinoa vegetable soup.
Tuesday1/2 cup poha, peanuts, and veggies.Dried peas/lobia with steamed veggies and roti.Grilled tofu with veggies.
Wednesday1.5 cup fruits (Jamun and plums).Mix veg salad.Tomato rasam soup with veggies.
ThursdayMango oats smoothie.Dal with roti, salad, and curd.Ragi roti/cheela, veggies and paneer bhurji.
FridayChana dal omelette/ pancakes.Lauki chana dal with roti and veggies.High protein lentil and vegetable soup.
SaturdayRagi high protein smoothie.Chole with quinoa/ amaranth, and salad.Multigrain mix veg khichdi.
SundayMissi roti/ parantha (besan and whole wheat)Love mealMoong dal khichdi


  • Food items like oats, pseudo grains, millets, legumes and seeds are high in prebiotics.
  • Add besan and corn to your diet to avoid bloating due to water retention.
  • Try to consume post lunch drink herbal tea.
  • Include bhuna chana with gur, roasted peanuts, bhutta and corn chat as evening snacks.
  • For evening drinks: Have ajwain, turmeric tea and besan Haldi milk.
  • Apart from eating healthy, exercise on a regular basis.
  • Stay hydrated to boost metabolism.
  • Stress and lack of sleep can also prevent you from achieving desired weight loss goals.

Try this “July Weight Loss Diet Plan” and see how it works out for you!

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