Weight Loss Challenge

June Weight Loss Challenge

With movement restricted due to lock down, all of us need to be extra careful with our fitness. To stay fit and in shape, it is important to concentrate on the diet and also on the correct workout. Let’s look at five basic things which you can do to ensure that you stay in shape.

What to eat ?

  • Eating right is the basic need to stay in shape
  • While quantity and timings of your meals play an very important role, what you eat makes the most amount of difference
  • Include veggies and protein in atleast two meals in a day
  • How to include veggies and protein in your diet
    • Chop the veggies (carrot and capsicum in this meal)
    • Put the chopped veggies on a pan
    • Add some sprouts for protein
    • Cook them while they’re covered
    • After cooking them for 5-6 minutes along with some olive oil, remove them from the pan and put them in a plate
    • Now using the plating method, consume your meal

How to eat ?

  • Set your timer and look to finish your meal in 20 minutes
  • Your brain takes roughly 20 minutes to register the food that has been consumed
  • If you finish your meal quickly, you will invariably end up eating more than what you need to
  • Eating slowly and with a more conscious mind will also ensure that you chew your food properly
  • Eating slowly means that your stomach takes less effort and time to digest the food

How to digest ?

  • After you eat slowly and delibrately, post meal activity is very important as well
  • Walk slowly for atleast 10 minutes post every meal
  • Sitting or lying down immediately after a meal means that your food doesn’t get digested properly
  • Consume herbal tea post your meal
  • The herbal tea also plays an important role in food digestion

The correct posture

  • You need to back up eating right and the right activities with correct posture
  • You also need to relax, meditate and carry out deep breathing to ensure that your body and mind are in sync
  • To maintain the correct posture, there are a number of things which you can do
    • Lie down on the floor
    • Place your legs on a chair
    • You could also place your legs against a wall
  • Sitting on a chair or in one place for too long also results in bad posture
  • Make sure you get up every half an hour to 45 minutes and take a break
  • Get a chair which supports your back and avoid leaning too much forward while you’re writing / typing


  • HIIT workout
    • Your workout ideally should be a mix of light and slightly rigorous exercises
    • HIIT workout gives higher results in a very short duration of time
    • Tabata and resistance training also provide greater results
  • Doing the workout which suits your body type is imperative
  • Make sure you seek professional help specially while you’re starting out

3 thoughts on “June Weight Loss Challenge

  1. Your posts r amazing. I have been following your diet plans, recipes etc. Your tips r always useful. Thanks

  2. Main 50 sal ki hun mujhe a Mera pet kam karna hai aur vajan bhi to kripya aap margdarshan kijiye jisse main seat aur healthy rahun

  3. Mein 50 sal ki hun mera belly fat aur bhajan kam karne ka hai aur main healthy aur fit Rahane ke liye aap margdarshan kijiye Meri meri bacche Dani nikaali hai 10 mahine ho gaye hai

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