My Most successful Weight Loss Plan. How I Help My Clients Lose Fat Permanently ?

Weight loss is a patient and consistent process which has other factors and things linked to it except for diet and exercise. People usually are misconceived by the ongoing socially popular fads and trends that misguide them, and eventually hinder their process of weight loss.
Today I am going to share with you all the “Weight Loss Secret” that I have only Shared with my Clients !
Most People start the Weight Loss with Action stage, that is Changing diet & implementing an exercising routine.
Weight loss is all about how well you hit the reset button, and therefore, Action stage should come at a very later stage. There are more things to take into consideration while we are planning to lose or even maintain our weight.

My Blue print for Weight Loss Success:


We often talk about what to do, while we ought to achieve a goal, but what we never talk about and put into consideration is what no to do?
So as far as implementing and adding new things is important, similarly removing and leaving some things and habits is equally important.
Major things and stuff that you need to cut off includes:

  • Removing Junk from kitchen.
  • Removing some unhealthy habits ( don’t start with removing more than 3).
  • Remove some time wasters, as they are distractions that hinders your process.
  • Decluttering space, environment and your timetable will help you stay organized.

2nd Stage : RESTOCK

Once we got rid of unnecessary and unwanted stuff, now it’s time to refill the space with healthy and useful options.

  • Get Some Healthy and fresh foods.
  • Introduce some new habits.
  • Fill time with new routine or regime, that keeps you active and productive.
  • Fill space with things that create positive vibes & energy.


Structure and organization is very crucial for a person to stick to a goal. As much the environment around you is structured and organized, more it will help you to stay focused and committed to your goals.

  • Create New System that makes it easy to implement new changes.
  • Create reminders to stay motivated.
  • Think of how you can reduce discomfort & introduce excitement.
  • Start with minimalist approach.
  • Don’t push yourself or be too hard on yourself.

4th Stage : SET GOALS

Setting goals, implementing them, and then staying committed to them is another step in the process of you achieving your goal of weight loss.
Now that your foundation is ready you can create / Set goals which are practical and rational for yourself.

Always break down big goals into small achievable goals, never try to set or plan unachievable or fictional goals, not only they are unable to achieve, but at the same time they could be very demotivating.
Have a very realistic approach, and set smart goals. Don’t follow anyone else’s goals, this is your journey. Goals and processed vary from person to person. What works for other person might not work for you and vice-versa. Never copy them, they are bio individual.

5th Stage : REPEAT

Till now, the process could be extremely easy and achievable. Real struggle starts at this step of the journey when it is the test of your patience to stick to your goals, and be consistent even if you can’t see any changes to keep you going. But you have to trust the process, and yourself!

  • Recommit & Repeat daily choices, habits & regime.
  • Only way you can move closer to your goal is to practicing it consistently.
  • Stick to one routine for minimum 10-15 days to see change.
  • Always keep a room to tweak, if things aren’t working out don’t be rigid and look out for displacements and changes that might work for you.
  • Do everything with an open & aware mind.


No one is well enough to have al the knowledge and experience. Learning has no limits. On day to day basis, we learn thousands of new things, and the process continues. Always keep an open mind for new things that you can implement to your journey to make it better.

Restock your Mind with new beliefs and knowledge.
Educate yourself about healthy lifestyle eg: why Carbs are important ? Why should you do strength training ? Side effects of fad diets ?

This was the blueprint that I always believe and educate my clients about in order to keep them on track while they are on their journey to lose weight, and if righteously done, you will see the changes for sure. Trust the process and yourself.

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