One Month Summer Diet for Hormonal Balance in Women.

All of my female friends who are tired of their hormonal imbalance, I got your back!
This diet plan is meant for hormonal balance and weight loss in women. It’s a full one-month meal plan, tips and drinks for balancing hormones.

Some important aspects of this diet plan include:

  • Hormonal balancing herbs.
  • Probiotics — no milk but dahi and chaas.
  • Some seeds like kalonji, aliv seeds and chia seeds.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Fresh seasonal fruits and veggies.
  • Quality protein.
  • Lots of fibre, pseudo grains & seasonal millets.


Morning is a crucial segment of the day, and it needs to be started with something very nourishing and soothing at the same time. So here are some ideas with their scheduled time:
For drinks:

  • 1st 15 days: 4-5 tulsi leaves soaked in water overnight.
  • Next 15 days: Kalonji seeds infused water.

40 minutes later after the consumption of morning drink: Consume one tsp. of soaked raisins and 1 Walnut, followed by One serving of fresh fruit. It could be any seasonal fruit as per season and availability.


For the breakfast, follow the Ayurvedic plating method & eat as per activity level.

GRAIN (25%)PROTEIN (25-30%)VEGGIES (40-45%)HEALTHY FAT (5%)
Poha (Once/week)SproutsSeasonal Veggies
1. Don’t consume them raw.
2. Have steamed, roasted or sauteed veggies.
Coconut oil
Oats (Twice-thrice)Boiled chanaDesi cow ghee
Ragi (Once)Tofu/ Soy paneer (Nicely cooked)Virgin Olive Oil/ Pure mustard oil.
Moong dal mix (Once)Boiled egges
Fermented grains (Twice-thrice)Vegan protein powder
Wheat/ Dalia (Once-Twice)Nuts/Seeds or Nut butter.
Pseudo grain (Once)Yogurt
Besan (Once)Low fat paneer
Little millets (Once)


For hormonal drink, the recipe is as follows:

  • Combine 1 tsp of shatavari, ashwagandha in water add honey or desi khand in 200 ml water.
  • Consume this drink twice a day.
  • You can consume it firstly after 45 minutes of breakfast, and secondly as a bedtime drink.


Snacks are very important to survive the day! Mid-morning and evening snack are required to be consumed in order to maintain a well-balanced day.

  • For Mid-morning snack: One fresh seasonal fruit or 1/8 tsp of Aliv seeds in curd.
  • For Evening snack: Chia pudding, Makhana, coconut water, homemade Ladoo


For lunch, the plate should consist of the following things in order to be considered as a balanced meal:
(1 protein, 2 slow carbs and probiotics Chaas or Dahi).

Brown rice (Twice)Legumes (Chana/Rajma)Seasonal veggies (Slightly cooked)1 cup Homemade dahi.
Whole wheat (Twice)Pulses1 glass Chaas
Ragi (Twice)Soy cooked.Kadhi
Quinoa/ Amaranth (Once)Skip.Raita (No tempering)
Millets (Once)Chicken
Barley (Jau)Fatty fish


This has to be consumed 45 minutes post lunch.
Ingredients to be added in the tea includes: Ginger, mint, fennel seeds / cinnamon.
Consume it with lemon juice or ACV.

Take a small nap 30 min post meal to relax the body.


For dinner, consider the following meal options:

CARBS (20%)PROTEIN (40-45%)VEGGIES (30%)HEALTHY FAT (5-10%)
Whole wheatLow fat paneer/ TofuSeasonal veggiesDesi ghee
Coconut oil
Mustard oil
Olive oil
Dalia (Wheat, oats, and barley)Eggs
MilletSoy chunks

Apart from food and meals, there are plenty of factors that can cause hormonal imbalance.
Some lifestyle tips to cure hormonal balance:

  1. Exercise regularly.
  2. Manage stress.
  3. Perform breathing exercises.
  4. Follow a routine.
  5. Practice mindful eating
  6. Eat slow.
  7. Eat without distractions and chew properly.
  8. Avoid use of plastic and chemicals.
  9. Avoid packaged and ready to eat food (food with additives).
  10. Take good quality and quantity of sleep.
  11. Avoid excessive caffeine.

In this manner, you can improve and even finish the issue of “Hormonal Imbalance”!

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