Only Indian Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan That Works in Weight Loss.

Although, we have discussed many a times about the importance and value of “Intermittent Fasting”, but before I share with you the most efficient “Intermittent Fasting Plan”, let’s get to some basics first.
So, intermittent fasting is nothing but an eating strategy that alternates between fasting and regular mealtimes. According to research, intermittent fasting can help you control your weight and potentially prevent or even reverse some diseases.

While many diets concentrate on what to eat, intermittent fasting only considers when to eat.
You only eat during the allotted hours when you practice intermittent fasting. Your body can burn fat if you fast for a set period of time each day or consume only one meal a couple of days a week. Additionally, there are some health benefits, according to scientific findings.

So, now that you know what it is? Other estimated questions could be:
What to include & Avoid in diet in Intermittent Fasting?
How can we perform it?
Is it safe or not?

So as I said before, Intermittent Fasting is a way or pattern of eating in which the standard window or western window of intermittent fasting is 16:8.
But, as per advanced research, 16:8 window is not suitable for female & it can have Side effects, therefore I would advise you to start with 12:12 window of intermittent Fasting & go upto 15:9.
In Ayurvedic Ways of intermittent fasting, we eat as per Circadian Rhythm.

*Circadian Rhythm
Circadian rhythms are changes in the body, brain, and behavior that occur on a 24-hour cycle.

Another questions are:

What to eat/Drink in the Fasting Window of Intermittent Fasting ?

So, You can’t eat anything in the fasting Window
You can have some drinks which are under 15-20 calories.

Drinks to Include in Fasting Window.

Sno.Drinks You Can Have.Drinks You Should Avoid.Drinks You Should Have.
2Bullet tea/CoffeeAvoid
3Water +Rock salt+ CinnamonYes
4Apple cider vinegar+ WaterYes
5Herbal TeasYes
6Infused Water (Methi/Jeera/ etc.)Yes
7Super green juice (One shot)Yes
8Lemon WaterYes

Open your fast with a small meal that is light on your stomach & easy to digest.
Options to open your fast / starting your eating window:

  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit.
  • Semi cooked veggies.
  • Soaked Dried fruit ( small serving ).
  • Soaked nuts.

As soon as you break up your fast, this is the time to wisely plan and consume your meals, which should not only be healthy, but fulfilling at the same time.

Breakfast 30 minutes post your first tiny Meal.
Have a filling, yet Light Breakfast that includes Oats, Poha, Chills, Upma, green smoothies
You can add good quality Protein in breakfast like, some steamed sprouts, 1-2 boiled eggs etc.
Don’t stay without eating for long!

Mid Morning Snack : You can have another serving of fruit, curd or veggies.

Lunch should be your biggest meal of all:
You can include whole grains, millets, legumes, pulses in lunch with probiotics
Slow walk post lunch can be highly beneficial.

Don’t ignore the hunger pangs between 3-5pm.
Have a healthy homemade snack like Gur Chana, Phool Makhana, small HM Energy bars , Ladoo or milk.

Dinner should have good amount of protein and fiber.
Have Quality protein for dinner like Low fat Paneer, soya, eggs, chicken or pseudo grains.
Dinner should include large portion of semi cooked veggies.
Have a low carb, high fiber and high protein dinner.

For Bedtime drinks you can have herbal teas without sweeteners
Bed time drinks could be chamomile tea, ginger tea, fennel tea, Turmeric tea or cinnamon tea.

In this manner, if you follow this exact plan with patience and consistency, along with avoiding junk, processed food, and raising your physical activity level by exercising/running/walking/ gymming, then results are assured!

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