Weight Loss Challenge

Simple Weight Loss Hacks

Diet and exercise are essential to lose that extra fat and for maintaining a healthy weight. However, all of love the simpler things which can be done for being in shape. In this article, we’ve brought you some extremely simple but very effective and simple hacks which you can do to keep an check on your weight.

But only single ingredient food

  • Single ingredient food are simpler and are devoid of any cheap oils, syrups, preservatives and artificial flavours
  • They are much more nutritious and are less processed as well
  • Same goes for other food like masala, nuts, rice as well
  • Avoid eating pre prepared meals, cookies, namkeen and biscuits etc
  • Benefits of buying single ingredient food
  • No hidden or harmful ingredients
  • Natural and less or nor processed at all
  • Makes shopping easy
  • Saves you a lot of money
  • You end up making a informed choice and add variety to your diet

Follow carb cycle

  • Carb cycle is a dietary approach in which you alternate carbs intake on a daily, weekly or montly basis
  • Depending on a variety of factors, it is specially great to overcome weight loss plateaus
  • You don’t need a lot of calculations for doing this, just eat less carbs on rest days
  • Before any special event like a party or something, do more intense workout
  • Eat more carbs on high intensity workout days
  • Keep intake of veggies and protein same on all days
  • Eat fat in moderation

15-20 minutes of intense cardio on empty stomach

  • The key for fasted state exercise is that glycogen reserves are in relatively short supply
  • After an overnight fast glycogen stores are significantly reduced, with less of this carbohydrate energy available, body responds by burning more fat
  • Some tips to follow
  • Don’t over exert yourself
  • Do it close to start of your feeding window
  • Plan your exercise regime
  • Do tabata or HIIT workout

Follow time restricted method of eating

  • Also known as intermittent fasting
  • Follow this method of fasting to get into shape and your ideal weight

Maintain electrolyte balance in your body

  • In nutrition, the term refers to essential minerals found in blood, sweat and urine
  • When these minerals dissolve in fluid, they form electrolytes : positive or negativeions used in metabolic processes
  • Electrolytes found in your body includes
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphate
  • These are required for smooth nervous and brain functions, maintain fluid balance and pH levels
  • Loss of fluid through sweat and urine can cause shortage of these electrolytes
  • Imbalance of these can cause weakness, fatigue, headache and craving for food

Set 20 minutes timer for eating

  • It takes about 20 minutes from the time you start eating for your brain to send out signal of fullness
  • Leisurely eating allows ample time to trigger this signal
  • Sit and eat without distractions and chew your food properly

Empty your brain before sleeping

  • Write journal and prepare your to do lists
  • Write down things you’re greatful for
  • Rewrite your goals, ambitions, visions and things which you love the most

Stay busy

  • Staying busy is one of the ways to stay fit
  • To much free time can make you indulge in unhealthy things
  • But at the same time, maintain balance
  • Tackle your to do list

Eat 1-2 veggies prior to every meal

  • Consuming 1-2 veggies prior to a meal helps to eat lesser
  • Your brain kicks in to info that you’re full

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