What I Eat in a Day, 1300-1400 Calorie Diet

Benefits of eating healthy can never be over emphasised. You are what you eat is something I believe in very strongly. Apart from weight loss and improved overall health, eating healthy also allows you to have strong bones, improved memory and a reduced risk of any diseases or ailments. A healthy diet rich in fruits, seasonal vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy and essential fats can help reduce the risk of heart diseases by maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Eating healthy enables you achieve a state of emotional and physical well being. In this article, I’ve shared what I eat in a day to stay healthy. My daily meal plan includes roughly 1300 to 1400 calories

Intermittent fasting

  • I am still following intermittent fasting
  • My window currently is 10 : 14
  • This includes daily 8 hours of sleep, 3 hours of morning fasting, eating in a window of 10 hours and evening fasting for 3 hours

Morning Drink

  • My morning drink is at 0900 hours
  • I make sure that my morning drink contains under 20 calories
  • Today my morning drink is moringa juice
  • It consists of 18 calories

Morning Smoothie

  • I have a mango carrot smoothie prior to having breakfast
  • I have it at around 1015 hours
  • It consists of 230 calories


  • I have my breakfast at about 1040 hours
  • I like to include protein in all my meals
  • Today’s breakfast is whole eggs and 1 egg white sandwitch
  • This breakfast consisted of 239 calories

One Cup Indian Tea

  • Between my breakfast and lunch there isn’t much time
  • At around 1230 hours I have a cup of Indian tea
  • My tea has very less sugar
  • It has about 41 calories


  • At about 1315 hours a have a serving of fruits
  • Today it was a cup of jamuns
  • This one cup jamun fruit has 62 calories


  • I usually have my lunch between 1330 and 1400 hours
  • My lunch varies depending on seasonal food items available in the market
  • It contains seasonal vegetables, some form of protein and pro biotic as well
  • Today I has ragi roti, dal and sabzi for lunch
  • My lunch had 318 calories

Post Lunch Dessert

  • I have a sweet tooth
  • I indulge in a post lunch dessert
  • My favourite dessert right now is the Nutro Active Desi Khee Keto Burfi
    • These are gluten and transfat free
    • They contain no maida or sugar
    • The fat content in these burfis is entirely healthy fat
    • I highly recommend these Desi Ghee Keto Burfis
  • However, it is very important to keep a strict check on the portion control of your dessert
  • This dessert serving has roughly around 35 calories

NutroActive Desi Ghee Keto Kaju Barfi
Zero Sugar, Low Carb Sweets

Herbal Tea

  • Around 1600 hours I have my herbal tea
  • Because of it’s innumerable benefits, I prefer a cup of herbal tea in a day
  • This herbal tea had 15 calories

Moon Milk

  • My evening snack is usually around 1700 hours
  • It consists of a cup of warm flavoured milk
  • I had moon milk for the day
  • It had around 181 calories


  • My dinner is usually around 1915 to 1930 hours
  • It is usually light and contains a balance of all food groups
  • It was Quinoa Khichadi for the day
  • It contains 256 calories

I am quite strict with my meal timings and try to stick to them as much as possible. Time restricted eating is one of the ways to give adequate rest to your digestive system after a heavy day’s work. All my portions sizes are just adequate for me and will vary according to your height and body type. Make sure you include all food types in your meals. Indulge once in a while in your favourite things. However, please keep a strict check on the quantity. Don’t binge on unhealthy snacks, food or alcohol week after week. Stay Healthy Stay Fit!!

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  1. I’m not getting how to register…
    I’m your long time follower on YouTube n you inspires a lot..
    Plz suggest some good way of managing our diet coz I’m in a joint family where I can’t cook separately for myself …I have to eat what is cooked for all n I have a big family

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