गर्मियों में वजन कम करने के लिए डाइट प्लान; May Vegetarian Diet Plan For Weight Loss in Summers.

Here is another month’s weight loss diet plan for you. Remember, diet plays a huge role in the journey of weight loss, but only diet is not enough for you to succeed. Diet accompanied by exercise, NEAT, managing stress altogether helps in weight loss.

Highlights of May Weight Loss Challenge.

  • Liquid Detox OR Liquid Fasting once a week.
  • Intermittent fasting of 14:10 window (14 Hours Fasting: 10 Hours Eating).
  • Eat small meal at slow pace at moderate intervals.
  • Consume 70-80% of your Calories before 4 PM.
  • White Foods & Drinks Detox.
  • Add lots of Veggies & Fruits with high Water content.
  • Include High protein quality salads and bowls to diet.

Morning Drink

Super Green Shots (20-30ml mixed with same amount of water)

  • Barley Grass juice
  • Wheat Grass juice
  • Moringa juice
  • Homemade Bottle Gourd / Lauki Juice (80ml)
  • Cucumber juice (1/2 Cucumber)
  • Amla juice
  • Aloe Vera shot (Avoid if you are on your cycle)

Day Starter or pre-Workout snack (9:00 AM)

Any fresh seasonal fruit / 1 Cup (It will help you stay hydrated).

  • Water Melon
  • Musk Melon
  • Banana
  • Papaya
  • Pineapple

2 Weeks Indian May Weight Loss Diet Plan

1st WEEKMondayTuesdayWednesday Thursday (Detox Liquid Diet)FridaySaturdaySunday
Breakfast (9:00 am)Vegetable Poha (3/4 cup)+Sprouts (1/4 cup)Ragi Moong dal cheela (2) with chutney.Oats Upma + Sprouted Kala Chana (1 cup mix)Ash Gourd JuiceSattu with buttermilk.High protein sandwich (Paneer/Tofu/ Chickpeas)Veg Uttapam.
Mid Morning Snack (11:00 am)Sliced Cucumber and carrotsCoconut WaterProbiotic drinks like KanjiKokum drink Gond Katira ShakeOrAam Panna, Jal jeera, Shikanji.
Lunch (1 pm)Veg buddha bowl + Quinoa + Kala Chana Boiled + Curd + Veggies.High Protein Sprouts Vegetable Pulao with curd.Barley and Tofu Vegetable Salad.Watermelon juiceLauki Chana dal with rice or roti (2 small) + Salad + CurdLOVE MealRajma rice + Veggies + Curd.
Evening snack (4 pm)Dark chocolate shake in coconut milk with some puffed grains.Phool makhanaHM energy bars or ladoo.Coconut water or sweet lime juice.Cocoa milkRoasted peanuts (handful)Murmura Namkeen
Dinner (6:30 pm)Tofu Bhurji and Vegetable roll (1 medium)Cauliflower rice + Grilled Paneer + veggies1 Ragi roti with lauki and lobia sabzi.Mix veg soup.Grilled paneer with veggies (50 gm paneer)Moong dal veggies khichdi.Tinda/ Lauki Sabzi + 1 Roti
Bedtime DrinkGinger fennel tea.Chamomile teaFennel teaWarm water

Post Meal Drink: Ginger + Fennel Tea Or Tulsi + Cinnamon + Ginger Tea 

2nd Week (May weight loss Diet Plan) 

2nd WEEKMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
BreakfastOats and Banana Peanut SmoothieSabudana Vegetable Khichdi + 1/2 cup Steamed SproutsEggless Veggies Omelet (Besan/ Moong dal)Green detox juice.Overnight oats prepared in yogurt.Barley smoothieIdli Sambhar Chutney.
Mid morning snacksame as abovesame as abovesame as abovesame as above
LunchChole+ Veggies salad with tangy green chutney.Paneer vegetable pulao with raita (1 medium bowl)Tofu/Low fat paneer + Quinoa vegetable saladMix veg soupCooked barley + Sprouts vegetable salad with curd.LOVE mealKadhi+ Rice+ Vegetables.
Evening snackAny snack of your choice.Steamed cornPhool makhanaCoconut water/ Sweet lime juiceHM Energy ladooChana ChaatGur Chana
DinnerBarley mix veg dalia (lots of veggies)Lauki + Chana dal + 1 Roti and VeggiesQuinoa + Moong dal daliaMix vegetable soupGrilled paneer + 1 Roti + Veggies rollLite mix veg lentil soupSoy chunk curry + 1 roti + veggies.
Bedtime drinkGinger clove teaChamomile teaFennel teaWarm water

The above meal plans are according to:
Serving as per female (who is on calorie deficit diet) with calorie requirements of 1500-1600/ day.
If you are a male, you can increase the serving of protein & carbs as per requirement.

You can try this meal plan, or take reference of it and modify accordingly, as per your need and availability. Summing this healthy diet plan with cardio and some high intensity workout can help a lot in the journey of weight loss for you.

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  1. Hello mam, next time please do provide a clickable pdf of the diet plans, along with the link of the recipes in the plan. Then it will be really easy to follow it & to go through the recipes you show in your plan by simply clicking on it.

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