6 Must Follow Steps For 100% Belly Fat Loss; पेट की चर्बी होगी गायब

You can never climb a floor without climbing each and every step of the ladder! Similar is the application, when we talk about weight loss or anything in this world. There are no shortcuts when we talk about Weight loss! Only Hard work and consistency is the key to it. Here are the 6 stages or steps people cross or need to cross if they want to acquire “WEIGHT LOSS”

Talking about the stages/ steps, these are very basic and general steps that can be easily achieved and climbed upon if the goals are clear and honest.

1st Stage Pre-Contemplation Stage

It is the Stage at which there is no intention to change.
People in this stage are often described as “in denial,” because they claim that their belly Fat is not a problem. Many people in this stage are either oblivious of or unconcerned about their troubles. The people in this stage often are unaware of the consequences or adverse effects their current situation can cause them in future. The longer you extend this stage, the more difficult will it be for you to proceed and achieve weight loss.

2nd Stage Contemplation Stage

Self Awareness stage – In this stage, Person becomes more and more aware of the potential benefits of losing Belly Fat. It is the time person starts realizing that he need to change, or their is a requirement for change now.

3rd Stage Preparation Stage

It is one of the most crucial stage. In this stage you prepare for Changes or Solution you can have to Reduce Belly Fat ( Planning Stage).
Spend enough time in this stage and plan smartly. Plan for making small but steady changes to prepare for a larger life change. Don’t look out for shortcuts, instead focus on healthy diet and lifestyle for permanent weight loss over temporary weight loss.
Find out Causes or Types of Belly Fat you have:

  • Bloated belly or Belly Fat due to Indigestion or poor gut health.
  • Real Belly Fat due to excessive eating & low level of activities.
  • Hormonal Belly Fat : Due to Hormonal Imbalance – Reproductive hormones such as Insulin, Stress Hormone, leptin etc.

Major Things to Keep in Mind!

  1. Don’t look for shortcuts or quick fixes.
  2. Look for plans or solutions that you can implement easily and maintain lifelong.
  3. Choose a balance & easy to follow diet with all important nutrients
  4. Plan to improve your activity levels
  5. Adapt some tiny habits to include in your daily lifestyle.

4th Stage Action Stage

In this stage, you start taking Direct action towards your goal of belly fat loss.
You eventually start implementing what you have realized, learned and planned in the preparation stage.

Three Actions you can take as beginners in this stage:

  • Start Daily Walks
  • Add more veggies & fruits to diet : it will nourish you body, keeps you full and add more fiber to diet
  • Start 12-12 hours of Fasting

Other beneficial actions or steps:

  • Improve sleep cycle.
  • Manage stress.
  • Manage Time to make space for new Activities like Walking & meal planning.

Prioritize your health to get best results!
Review your plans and actions periodically to improve results and to keep to the process enjoyable.

5th Stage Maintenance stage

In this phase you successfully avoid former behaviors and keeping up with new behaviors or habits. Realizing, planning and implementing, all the above stages are very very important, but the most difficult and important stage is that of “MAINTENANCE”.


Consistency, maintaining and sticking to the goals is the hardest thing, starting a thing or working on a goal is easier than working on it until its achieved.

Working and completing are two different things, and in order to complete goals, you have to stick to them.

6th Stage Determination or Relapse Stage

It marks the point in a person’s treatment when they have reverted to old patterns and started using again. When people lose sight of their rehabilitation, relapse is considered to occur. At a point of time in your journey of weight loss, it is common to see no results, a time when you weight can be stuck or you don’t see major results.

This is the time when you need to hold the grip, but unfortunately majority of people return back to the same old patterns and they don’t realize that how far they have come.

In this stage, you need to beat and motivate yourself, you have to be intellectual enough to realize and understand what are you lacking at, rather than stopping then and there.


These 6 stages process is the best way you can lose weight if done sincerely and with utmost hard work and consistency.

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