Daily To Do List For Weight Loss

Weight loss or staying in your ideal weight is a continuous process. It is a lifestyle which you need to maintain in order to stay fit. We’re prepared a checklist as our basic guideline to lose weight. This list includes the steps you need to take in your weight loss journey. These small steps eventually get you achieving your weight loss and fitness goals. In these four weeks, you’ll adapt some basic changes in your lifestyle to start losing weight. This list has been tediously prepared and is based on the six basic principles of weight loss.

Six basic principles of weight loss

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Movement and exercise
  • Hydration
  • Stress reduction
  • Sleep pattern
  • Evert day tracking

FIT3 weight loss checklist for week one and two

Drink one glass of water 30 minutes pre and post meal

  • This habit will get you to drinking the ideal quantity of water throughout the day
  • Apart from staying hydrated, this will also ensure you eat your meals on time

40 % veggies in every meal

  • Make sure you have atleast 40 % veggies in your every meal
  • This will ensure calorie deficit without you feeling hungry

One fruit daily

  • Make sure you consume one fruit everyday
  • This will make sure you’re getting adequate nutrients in your diet

10 minutes walk

  • Make sure you take 10 minutes walk after every meal
  • These walks are not brisk walks

Moderate workouts

  • It is imperative that you indulge in 20 minutes moderate workout everyday
  • Do these workouts for five days in a week


  • Find a place for meditation in the house
  • Sit for meditation two five minutes sessions daily
  • Along with this, practice deep breathing for five minutes daily

Go offline

  • Go offline one hour before bed time
  • After you wake up, stay offline for at least one hour

Get adequate sleep

  • Get minimum seven hours of sleep everyday
  • Sleeping for seven to eight hours daily refreshes the body for the tasks next day

Plan for the next day

  • Before you hit the bed, plan your next day
  • Plan for your meals so that you can make the basic preparations needed

Eating properly

  • Eat slower and without distractions
  • Chew more and avoid phones / tv while you’re eating

FIT3 weight loss checklist for week one and two

Fluid intake

  • Make sure you’re consuming adequate fluids throughout the day
  • Your minimum fluid intake should be 35 ml / kg of the body weight

Protein intake

  • Include high protein snacks in your diet
  • Make sure you have 25 % protein in every meal

Intermittent fasting

  • Intermittent fasting  is ideal for the human body for weight loss
  • It gives adequate time to the digestive system  to function properly
  • Start with 13 : 11 and increase gradually


  • 30 – 40 minutes workout six times a week should included in your routine
  • Include 15 minutes of daily outdoor activity to get adequate vitamin D
  • Apart from this, include 15minutes combined session of deep breathing and meditation
  • Start strength training twice a week
  • Maintain good posture throughout the day

Maintain a journal

  • Keep a record of all your activities
  • This will help you analyze where can you improve and if you’re doing enough
  • This will also assist you to stay aware and improve consistency


  • Make sure there is no caffeine intake post 4 pm daily

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