Easiest Indian Hacks to Lose Belly Fat!

Losing belly fat is quoted as a big task, but let me tell you, it is not! It can be simply fun and easy if you are wise and smart enough to know what is actually required and what is not!
Without confusing you much, let’s get straight to the point. Bascially, belly fat loss or weight loss or fat loss is a sum of balanced and bio individual diet with healthy amount of physical activity with maintaining stress levels and hormonal balance.
That’s it!
Today for a change I got you some very easy and Indian hacks that you can easily follow and they can contribute majorly in your “fat loss journey”.

  • Ditch the Chair while Eating. Sit on the floor with leggs crossed while eating to improve digestion. Since older times, peope use to sit with crossed legs and eat their food, and they used to stay fit and healthy throughout their lifetime. Secondly, chew your food slowly and also eat mindfully. Eating along with distractions such as mobile phones, too much of talking, television, etc. hinders you from focussing on your food, which is not beneficial for your body.
  • Drink Luke warm water or herbal teas; Post Meals. Drinking Herbal or Green tea 30-40 Min post meal helps boost metabolism & prevent accumulation of excess fat around belly. You can visit my youtube channel or explore the page, I have posted lots of herbal tea recipes.
  • Don’t Skip your meals & Always Eat on Time. Not skipping meals help reduce acidity & also prevents overeating. On top of that, it promotes digestion & manages metabolism.
  • Walk every few hours. Walking every few hours helps to boost circulation & improves posture as well. Also, it is preferable to do slow walks post meal to boost digestion.
  • Do nothing for 10-15 min everyday. Instead of scrolling your phones & gadgets, sit & do nothing during breaks. It helps in emptying brain & trust me it is very relaxing. It also helps reduce cortisol hormone by reducing stress. Just give yourslef some “ME TIME”.
  • Best Hack to cure constipation. Use Indian toilets or sit in Malasana for 5-10 min in morning after drinking your Luke warm water. You can place your feet on a stool, while using western pot. This techniques is also used since ancient times and is considered an amazing posture.
  • Never Go Shopping Empty stomach. When you go shopping or out of home without eating anything, you end up eating junk and processed foods. Therefore, if you eat something from home prior going to markets, that helps increase your chances of not eating from outside.
  • Avoid using Straw & don’t chew gums. Both of using straws and chewing gunms leads to increase in excess air in stomach, leading to gas & bloating.
  • Buy more & more single ingredient food for clean eating. Foods and packages with one or less ingredients have less chances of being processed as compared ti multi-ingredient foods, such as pulses, rice, sugar, etc.
  • Add Probiotics to diet. Start adding and consumin probiotics to the diet. It includes fermented foods with live good bacteria that are known to improve gut health.
Probiotic or Fermented Food Recipes with Benefits
  • Eat Your H2O. Not only drink adequate quantities of water, but also consume foods with high water content such as high water fruits inlcuding watermelon, melon, etc.
  • Consume ginger and fennel seeds to boost digestion. Ginger and fennel seeds are known to enhance digestion, increase metabolism and therefore help in achieving weight loss.
  • Take Good Quality & Quantity of Sleep. I can’t stress more on good quality sleep. Not only, it ensures proper working of your body system, but also helps you feel fresh, and you stay more energized throughout the day.

These were some of the tips I wanted to suggest you for a better lifestyle. Try to follow atleast more than half of them to see best results.

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  1. Hi I’ve been watching your YouTube videos from a very long time and would like if you’d consult me and recommend a weight loss plan.
    Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂
    Regards, Sampada

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