October Weight Loss Diet Plan

If you’ve taken up our October weight loss challenge, this diet / meal plan is all you need to achieve your weight loss goals. Also included in this article is the 8 days navratri diet plan. This diet plan provides balanced nutrition to the body on all days. It includes food from all the major food groups. It is simple to follow and yet is highly effective.

Focus of this diet plan

  • Eat a variety of food but in moderation
  • Add quality protein in all  your meals
  • Focus on healthy snacking
  • Avoid constant grazing the entire day
  • Have a fixed eating schedule or routine
  • Add some healthy millets to your diet

Some important pointers to follow this diet plan

  • Start your day with 2-3 glasses of warm water
  • Follow this up with one glass of overnight 1/2 tsp fennel seeds soaked water
  • 1st meal of the day : 5 soaked almonds and 6 soaked raisins
  • Include ajwain and mint with curd or chaas
  • Consume herbal tea post meal
  • As a bed time drink, consume cinnamon tea or chamomile tea
  • One fresh seasonal fruit as mid morning snack

1st week

Mon1 raggi chilla with stuffing and veggiesSeasonal veggies, salad with 1/2 cup sprouted moong dalRoasted makhanaTomato soup. Daliya khichadi and veggies
TueOats upma with veggiesChana dal, roti and dahiHomemade snackClear soup with grilled veggies and roti
WedMissi roti with chutneyVegetable salad with 80 grams grilled paneer / tofuMurmura namkeenMultigrain roti with sabzi and veggies
Thru1 cup veggies with 1 cup pohaKala chana sabzi with ragi roti and dahiRaosted gur chanaPaneer roti roll with veggies
FriDetox smoothieSeasonal vegetable saladAny fruit / vegetableVegetable stew
SatOats apple smoothie (made in plant milk or water)Chole chawal with saladRoasted makhanaQuinoa khichadi with veggies
SunOne paranthaLove mealRoasted chanaMoong dal khichadi

2nd week

MonBesan chilla with veggiesVegetable salad with 1.5 cup dalRoasted chana dal chaatGrilled paneer with vegetable and 1 roti
TueDaliya upma with 1 cup sabziVegetable rice sprouts pulaoHomemade snackQuinoa dal khichadi
WedIdli sambhar with chutneyVegetable salad with 80 grams grilled paneer / tofuEnergy barsSoup with veggies and 1 roti
ThruSprouts with veggiesQuinoa vegetable saladRaosted makhanaGrilled veggies with daliya soup
FriDetox smoothieSeasonal vegetable saladAny fruit / vegetableVegetable stew
SatPaneer or vegetable toastRajma chawal with saladAny fruit / vegetableRagi vegetable soup
SunOne stuffed paranthaLove mealMurmura namkeenMoong dal khichadi

Navratri fasting diet plan

  • Start your day with soaked nuts and raisins
  • Stay hydrated
  • Don’t stop working out
  • Meditate for at least 15 minutes daily
Day 1Rajgira smoothieFruitSabudana khichadi and dahiCarrot tomato soup
Day 2Apple carrot smoothiePhool makhanaSabu rice Buddha bowlLauki sabzi 1.5 bowl
Day 3Kuttu chilla with paneerFruitRoasted buckwheat / kuttu saladCarrot tomato soup
Day 4Buckwheat smoothieFruitRajgira potato pancakes and dahiGrilled paneer with veggies
Day 52 fruitsPhool makhana1 bowl lauki sabzi and dahiSauteed veggies
Day 6Sabu rice smoothieFruitKuttu chilla and dahiSabudana veggies soup
Day 7Rajgira smoothieFruitSabudana khichadiSabu dana rice and jaggery kheer
Day 82 fruitsPhool makhanaRice pulaoGrilled paneer with veggies

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