8 चीजे जिससे हमेशा कंट्रोल में रहेगा वजन; Things All Slim People Do!(Not about Dieting or Fasting)

There will always be a group/set of people who never resemble their age, they always tend to look younger than their age. And we often get confused that how are they so different from us? What do they do to look young?
So, few things were concluded when a research was conducted on these set of people and certain things came out in common in all Ultra Fit & Slim People.
When we say slim and healthy people, we talk about overall fitness.
So here is the list of common attributes found in these people, which if not all, try to at least adapt to 2-3 of them in your lifestyle:

They have a fixed Sleeping Routine.

Sleep is a very crucial part in one’s life and is equally important as eating, or exercising. But often people neglect it. Healthy people are observes to have a fixed sleeping pattern, which helps their body to stay tunes, working effectively and thus keeping them fit and healthy.

They Sleep before 10:00-10:30 PM.

Healthy people know their limits, and prioritized every single part of their day. They exactly know when is the time for their body to rest and they do the same accordingly. They sleep at a fixed time and that’s mostly around 10-10:30, which keeps them the adequate duration/hours of sleep for them to stay fresh and active throughout the day.

Ultra fit People Always carry a water bottle.

Hydration is literally the solution for more than half of your problems, and I have been constantly mentioning this thing throughout. And ultra fit people maintain this key point in their routine as well. They carry a water bottle which helps them to stay hydrated all the time, which ultimately helps them a lot in building overall healthy lifestyle.

They centralize Exercise in their routine.

Fit people don’t do exercise, they enjoy it! Even if they miss their workout session by chance, they find a way to incorporate and manage it into their day’s routine. They believe in staying active throughout the day, and not for a certain period of time.

Fit People Do preparation for everything.

Preparation of any task or part of the day beforehand is another very good trait seen in ultra fit people, these people don’t waste their time in contemplation and love to plan and prepare their things in advance to save their time and energy.

They live a guilt free life.

Feeding yourself with guilt is worst than eating bad. Enjoy and relish what you eat, by that I dont motivate you to eat junk because you enjoy it, but rather mindful eating is the key. Eating junk once in a while is not harmful, but having it with lots of guilt truly is!
Cherish what you eat, without guilt.

Ultra fit people walk a lot, other than exercising.

Only exercising is/was never enough in order to lose or maintain weight. Walking and staying active throughout the day is what makes exercising complete and helps to achieve results.

They learn about healthy habits to try it.

Healthy habits and new things are not only meant to be learnt, but applied too. These people are very quick and handy when it comes to applying and evolving them into their day to day routines, and that is what makes them more healthier as compared to other people.

They meditate or do breathing practice.

Meditating and doing breathing exercises are the exercises for your brain, they keep your mind, body and then soul at peace, and allow it to work calmly. Therefore, it is very important to develop a habit of meditating at least 10-20 minutes a day. It not only helps calm your mind and body, but also raises the willingness to stick to a goal. Only a healthy brain can lead a healthy and fit lifestyle!

They manage their finances & family ( Relationships).

Along with physical health, mental health is equally important. But what keeps them constantly healthy, is the balance between them. Balancing and solving the day to day issues in life plays a major role in staying healthy. Healthy relationships and financial conditions helps in making you stress free, which ultimately gives you time and energy to care about your fitness goals.

They do things on consistent basis.

As I always say and continue saying: “Consistency was/is/ and always will be the key to a perfect lifestyle. Nothing can help you if you are not consistent and bound to it. Being consistent and hardworking on a goal with utmost sincerity always shows results.

These are some of the few things which can be very easily incorporated in anyone’s lifestyle and can help build a healthy and ultra fit lifestyle.

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