June Weight Loss Diet Plan; Lose Upto 3 inches & 10kgs.

Weight loss is all about eating right, mindfully, and absorbance of food by the body adequately, along with some other important factors such as exercise, NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), managing stress, and hormones.
But we make it too complicated! It is about being smart when it comes to what you feed to your body. So, even if half year is passed, we have still half to go, and it’s a plenty of time to get back to the track. To ease your process, I have got your back with my “JUNE WEIGHT LOSS DIET PLAN”.
So, before we hop onto the diet plan, there is a morning routine that should be followed for better start of the day.

Morning Routine for Weight Loss

  • Consume One glass of luke warm water or Fennel & Ginger Water.
  • You can also consume any Super Green Shot (Aloe Vera, Barley grass, Wheat Grass, Moringa etc.)
  • Next thing is doing a Short Workout Session of 20 Minutes including HIIT Training.
  • Drink more water to stay hydrated and for better bowel movement.
  • Practice Intermittent Fasting with minimum window of 13:11.

June 2 Weeks Weight loss Diet / Meal Plan.

1st Week Indian Meal Plan.

MondayMultigrain cheela- (Besan+ Oats+ Ragi) with eggs/ handful of sprouts stuffing.Curd vegetable rice.Dalia vegetable soup+ Grilled low fat paneer (40-80gm).
Tuesday1/2 cup poha+ peanut+ veggies with curd.Kala channa + steamed veggies + roti.Grilled tofu/ low-fat paneer with 1.5 cup veggies (grilled/steamed).
Wednesday (DETOX)1.5 cup watermelon.Mix veg salad (steamed lauki, pumpkin, carrot, etc.).Tomato rasam soup with veggies.
Thursday1 cup overnight soaked oats with nuts, and 1/2 cup of any fresh fruit (Mango/Banana).Chana dal and Quinoa Bhudha Bowl with Curd dressing.Ragi roti/ Cheela+ veggies+ Paneer bhurji.
FridayMoong dal and Lauki cheela/ pancakes and veggies.Chickpeas and fresh vegetable salad with mint chutney dressing.High protein dalia soup.
SaturdayRagi high protein smoothie.Rajma + Rice + Salad.Multigrain mix veg khichdi.
SundayPaneer parantha with tomato chutney.Love meal.Mix veg whole moong dal soup.

Mid Meal Snack

One serving of any seasonal fruit / vegetable & Drinks can serve as a perfect mid-meal snack.

2nd Week Indian Meal Plan

MondayBesan cheela+ peanut chutney+ veggies.Lemon rice with sprouts and veggies.Grilled paneer+ veggies.
TuesdayCarrot mango smoothie.Moong dal, sabzi, and roti.Quinoa salad + veggies.
Wednesday (Detox)Seasonal fruit serving.Mix veg salad.Vegetable stew.
ThursdayHomemade granola with plant milk.Rice peanut mix veg salad+ Lemon olive dressing.Paneer Vegetable roll + Side veggies.
FridaySabudana khichdi + Veggies + Peanuts.Mix veg whole masoor dal salad + Lemon dressing.Pumpkin sabzi + Roti + side veggies.
SaturdayRagi cheela + Peanut chutney.Chole+ rice+ salad.Soy gravy + veggies+ roti.
SundayStuffed parantha + veggies.Love meal.Mix veg lentil soup.

Post Lunch Drink

Once done with the lunch, you can consume “Herbal Teas” as post lunch drink.

Evening Snack

There are a plenty of healthy food choices for evening snack including Bhuna chana with Gur, roasted peanuts, Bhutta, Corn chaat, murmura Besan sev mix, Phool Makhana, Milk (if required).

Bedtime Drink

Bedtime drink is very important for relaxing the body, better and adequate sleep. You can consume Chamomile Tea or Fennel Tea.

Apart from eating healthy, you need to follow these things in order to enhance and fasten the journey and results:

  • Exercising on a regular basis is a must to Lose weight.
  • Best is to do short interval workout of moderation to high intensity
  • Take good quality of sleep.
  • And manage stress
  • Stay Hydrated to boost metabolism

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