My Client Lost 4 inches Following This! Best Way to Get Flat Stomach.

Wonder, Why Losing Weight from the Fattiest Part of the body is always difficult?
For some it could be thighs, for some it can be hips or love handles, or for some people, even the majority of people struggle for the removal of their belly fat.
So, to make it more clear for you to understand, and to figure out a working and efficient solution, let’s study it scientifically!
Basically, there are mostly two types of fat cells: Alpha and Beta.
Mostly the fattiest part of bodies has alpha fat cells, more commonly known as fat receptors. Alpha fat cells restrict the blood flow to a particular area making it difficult to lose fat.
Whereas, Beta fat cells or receptors facilitate the increase in blood flow making it easy to lose weight.
If the blood flow is weak to a certain part of the body, it becomes difficult to move nutrients, compounds and most importantly fatty acids out of that area.
Areas with more muscles, especially activated muscles have greatest blood flow.
Process of fat metabolism, also known as lipolysis, depends on blood flow in your body.
When glucose levels (including glycogen stores) drop in your body, this process enables movement of fat stores or fat cells in our blood stream when they are used as a source of energy in our body.

So how can you make and utilize this process for your fat loss is a great application to lose fat.
Here are some suggestions in order to lose that stubborn fat and remove it out of your body:

  • Spot Lipolysis. We know spot reduction is not entirely possible, but new studies have shown that fatty tissues or cells near an anticipated muscle can move faster due to higher increase in blood flow & heat. Hence Specific exercise like planks, bridges, crunches, isometric holds can induce spot lipolysis in adipose tissue. Also include high cardio at initial stages of workout.
  • Eat foods with high thermogenic effects. Protein, Fiber foods with high water content falls under the category of thermogenic foods. By promoting thermogenesis, a process in which the body burns calories to use the food you just ate and converts those calories to heat, thermogenic foods may assist raise metabolism and burn calories. However, a minor portion of calories, roughly 10%, are burned by diet-induced thermogenesis. Your body burns calories primarily through sustaining its usual metabolic processes and through physical exercise.
  • Small high intensity (HIIT 15-20 Minutes) workout session on an empty stomach. High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a training method in which you exert all of your energy during brief, strong bursts of activity, followed by active recovery periods. Your heart rate is raised during this form of exercise, which helps you burn more fat faster.
  • Increase NEAT. NEAT, Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is one of the most effective ways of increasing blood flow in the mid area of your body. The energy used for all of our activities other than sleeping, eating, and athletic-like exercise is known as non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). The energy used for walking to work, typing, doing yard labor, working in agriculture, and fidgeting are just a few examples. Along with the additional calories burned, NEAT has other advantages like a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, all-cause mortality, and the metabolic syndrome.
  • Build more muscles. In order to lose weight, especially body fat, it is important to gain and build muscles in the body that can be obtained and maintained with the help of high protein diet & strength training. Gaining lean muscle helps manage weight, lower chance of developing chronic diseases, and enhance quality of life. It also helps raise bone density. Even when at rest, muscles function as an “engine” that consumes calories. In actuality, “your body consumes around 50 additional calories a day for every pound of muscle you gain.”
  • Limit salt and sugar intake. You need to limit the intake of salt and sugar in your diet in order to ensure their balance ad adequate proportions in the body to support weight loss and management.
  • Stay Hydrated and Limit caffeine consumption. As said multiple of time, water is literally the solution for more than half of the existing problems. Keeping your body hydrates not only aids in fat loss but on top of that serves multiple benefits such as glowing skin, and feeling energetic, etc. On top of that, limiting the caffeine consumption is yet another very important parameter that contributes a lot when it comes to the process of fat loss.
  • Intermittent Fasting. It is another amazing way of reducing belly fat. Short-term fasting encourages people to consume less calories, which could eventually lead to weight loss.
  • Good levels of Vitamin D in your body. Getting adequate vitamin D may help you lose weight and reduce body fat while regulating your hormone levels. The benefits of vitamin D, such as keeping healthy bones and preventing disease, can be maximized by losing weight, which can raise your vitamin D levels.
  • Lower stress levels (Cortisol) & Increase Sleep Quality and Quantity to Improve Functions of Fat Burning Hormones. Stress, inadequate sleep, and lack of happiness and peace are other factors that can hinder the process of fat loss for you. So, make sure along with keeping in check the diet, and exercise, you also need to work upon these factors which are often very underrated and yet plays a vital role.
  • Achieve Hormonal Balance. When one or more hormones, your body’s chemical messengers, are present in either an excessive or insufficient amount, you have a hormonal imbalance. It’s a general phrase that can refer to a wide range of hormonal disorders. Hormonal balance is a big thing to achieve in today’s world full of stress and anxiety, but again it’s not something that is impossible to achieve, and once attained it can solve majority of the problems and helps in fastening of the process of fat loss.

So, these are some very easy to apply, and yet very difficult to continue and maintain lifestyle changes that can make or break you. Now, it’s up to you, what so ever way you chose for yourself!

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