Try This Simple Eating Formula from a Dietician For Permanent Weight Loss.

It’s not about how hard work we put into planning and making our meals, but it’s all about the rationality, reasonability and smart work that pays off when it comes to feeding our body.
You all might be astonished to know that from the last 3 years, my breakfast, lunch and majorly my dinner plate looks pretty much the same. I am consuming similar meals or similar patterns of meals on a regular basis. Now you might be thinking, why have I been eating same meal from last 3 years?
Because I know how to balance meals, and efficiently manage my macros and micros into my plate in order to nourish my body with every nutrient in adequate and desired amounts as per its needs. If I can do that, so can you!
How to Eat without worrying about portion size and macros?
How does a balanced meal look alike?
How do I balance my meal with adequate calories along with nutrients?
How should I plan my meal for weight loss?

If you are stuck on any of these questions, you need to hold and go through this golden piece of information to make this weight loss journey more accessible and easier for you.
So, it’s all about creating a simple system to make healthy eating simple and effective. It is not as difficult as you think. Our body is very clear and practical about what it needs to survive and grow. So, we should be very clear and sorted on this!

Let’s understand it through my way of eating and my meals throughout the day.
The first and the foremost meal is the most crucial and important meal of the day. In order to stay energized and well maintained for the day, it is important for you to consume a healthy, well-balanced breakfast.


I divide my breakfast plate into three portions, i.e., carbohydrates, protein and fiber.
For Carbs, that constitute 1/4 of my plate, I usually prefer making any one if these options including Poha, Idli, Sabudana, Oats Upma, etc. I also sometimes switch to other varieties similar to them for more diversity.

For Protein, it’s mostly Eggs, sprouts, tofu or kala chana.
And for the fiber & Micro Nutrients, I include one serving of sessional vegetables to my plate.
And in this manner, a very well-balanced breakfast meal is good to go for me and my family.

The second and the 2nd energizing meal of the day is lunch.


For lunch, I again break and divide my plate into carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and probiotics.

For Carbs, I consume Rice, Roti, quinoa or Dalia.
For Protein, I include Dal or legume.
For Probiotics, Dahi or Chaas are the two favorable options.
And for Fiber & Micro Nutrient intake, one serving of seasonal veggies stays constant.

The third meal of the day, Dinner is a meal which should be very light, calm and soothing for the stomach, according to me, because after dinner you go for sleep. And a heavy stomach not only disrupts sleep but also disturbs the patter for the next day.


For dinner, I prefer a light meal, usually low on Carbohydrates. It is almost similar to the lunch but with less quantity of carbs, and a little more of fiber and protein.

Now, with this fixed pattern of eating, I am very contented and I feel everyone should try this out to experience a large number of benefits and also a progress in their weight loss journey.

Benefits of Developing a Fix System for Eating:

  • It Automates the system of eating, leading to less decision making which reduces the chances of fatigue.
  • It helps in making healthy choices without errors.
  • Keep It simple: Reinvention takes time and effort, variety makes healthy eating difficult at times, therefore stillness sometime proves beneficial.
  • Easy to follow: It provides ease in planning, preparing grocery lists and shopping, even if you don’t enjoy cooking. This Requires basic cooking & is very easy.
  • Easy to calculate macros, as you are habitual of it and no extra math is required.

So, for majority of times that is for about 80% of times I eat through the same pattern of meals, whereas I also experiment and try new things in that 20% of times.
I also eat outdoors one in at least 10 days. Because let’s be practical, no one is as healthy as eating all the 30 days at home. For change we should or can go outdoors, but limit it to change only.
Moderation is the key!

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