Sonam Kapoor Weight Loss Story!

Welcome to back another episode of reviewing “Celebrity Diet Plan”, and our today’s celebrity is “Sonam Kapoor”.

She had PCOS PCOD ever since she was a teenager
At the age of 19 or 20, when she was studying in Singapore, Sonam weighed around 86 kilos.
She led a very contrasting lifestyle and was borderline diabetic.
She made her Bollywood debut with Film “Saawariya” in 2007
This Film was offered to her in 2005 & she was given 2 years to get fit & lose weight.
From 86 Kgs, she lost around 30-35 Kgs in 2 years
Initially Sonam used to do 3 hours of yoga and lot of dieting.
Poor and fad diet habits such as “Juice calorie deficit” led to her being getting hospitalized because of hyperacidity.

Sonam now follows a healthy diet.
She mostly eats vegetarian meals but eats fish at times for higher protein content.
She drinks vegan protein shake post workout with Hemp seeds, açai berries and coconut water.
She eats every 2 hour & tries not to skip meals.
She gave up sugar and processed food which transformed her diet completely.
In a statement she said refined sugar is “poisonous” & should be avoided completely.
Yoga is Sonam’s most favourite form of workout.
Sonam tries to complete 10k steps everyday as part of her fitness regimen.
She also enjoys doing strength training workouts and pilates for developing core strength.

Family support played an important role in Sonam’s Weight loss journey.
Sonam’s Father Bollywood star Anil Kapoor is defying age with his fit body & personality.
Sonam’s Mother owns many gyms and her brother is also into fitness. These factors too majorly contribute towards her success.


No matter, who the person is, whether it be a normal middle class person or celebrity, everyone makes mistakes in this diverse process and journey of weight loss. But ultimately, one or the other way, everyone realizes what is good for their body. Take time to learn how your body lives, behaves, and reacts to everything and act for its best.

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