Weight Loss Habits to Start Now

Hey everyone, hope all of you are keeping safe and healthy. This article is about simple habits that you can unculcate in your routine to help you lose weight and also lead a healthy lifestyle. These habits / tips are seemingly very simple but it’s always the simple things that are the most important


  • Improve your sitting and standing posture
  • Having a better posture helps you get a flatter tummy
  • Sitting for long time mostly leads to a incorrect posture, you either sink in the chair or stoop over
  • Be careful and do light sitting exercises to maintain a correct posture
  • We’ve shared an article on this website for simple 5 minute exercises for better posture

Be Mindful

  • Always be mindful of what you’re doing
  • This is applicable to whatever tasks you do
  • Eat mindfully, it helps engage all your senses

Slow Down

  • Take is slow
  • Stop being busy in your routine that you miss out on everything around you
  • Value relations and help out your family with small things
  • Make a bond with your loved ones
  • The only way you can do it is by giving time to these relations

Cook Your Meals

  • Right now is the perfect oppurtunity to learn to cook if you don’t know it already
  • Become a home chef
  • It is not very difficult. Stop eating ready to eat meals
  • Cut down on consuming processed and packed food

Start Fasting

  • Give a break to your digestive system
  • It can be any kind of fasting
  • You can fast one day in a week and stick to a liquid diet for the day
  • You can start with intermittent fasting
  • Fasting has a number of health benefits, it increases your brain activity, and raduces inflammation in your body

Stay Active

  • Probably the most important tip
  • It is vital to stay active
  • One simple way to ensure this is 10,000 steps in a day
  • Avoid high intensity workout for extended number of days
  • 4/5 times a week is ideal for high intensity workout

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

  • This simple habit has innumerable benefits
  • Starting your day early increases your productivity
  • Mornings are soothing for your body and mind, take advantage of it

Organise and De Clutter

  • For some, being messy and un organised is fancy
  • Well it is unproductive and unhealthy as well
  • Organise your life. Get a hold of things around you
  • De clutter your personal space
  • Remove things which areb not needed
  • This two things will increase productivity and will lead to a more healthy state of body and mind

Stay Connected

  • In these difficult times, it is even more important to be connected with your loved ones
  • It helps you manage stress
  • Spend quality time with your family

Set Boundaries

  • Set a dedicated time and space for all activities in your life
  • This will automatically lead to better time management and thus improved productivity
  • This will improve your lifestyle and your relations with everyone else around you

Detox Your Brain

  • Take time off
  • Give your mind some much needed rest
  • An over burdened mind reduces in productivity

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