Ultimate Summer Breakfast Smoothie Recipe for Weight Loss | No Sugar No Dairy | Best Summer Drink

Summer smoothie are the best way to engulf nutrition in these scorching summers, where our appetite has gradually decreased and we don’t prefer eating so much. So simply, you can gather some easily available ingredients in your kitchen, and blend them in a period of 5 minutes, and you are good to go!So easy, and

High protein smoothie; No Sugar, No Dairy & No grain.

Welcome to another healthy high protein vegan smoothie recipe, enriched with the goodness of a very new and special ingredient: “Silken Tofu”. This vegan ingredient is enriched with amazing health benefits and an amazing nutritional profile, and is commonly used in preparation of vegan desserts. You can also use homemade tofu, but the prominent difference

Refreshing & Instant Summer Sunshine Morning Shake (No oats, No sugar)

Morning shakes are the best form of breakfast if you are someone who is not fond of heavy breakfasts.Not only, they are super healthy and nutritious, but also very easy and instant to make and consume. https://youtu.be/TUA4sgkqLd4 Health Benefits Good for heart.Aids in digestion.Aids in weight loss.Enhances skin and hair.Reduces cholesterol levelsBoosts immunity. Ingredients Carrots2Peanut

Healthy High protein Cold coffee/ Frappe; (No sugar, Vegan)

If I could give other name to satisfaction in summers, then it would be “COLD COFFEE”.It’s the season of cold coffee and we are up with a tempting and delicious High protein Cold coffee which is not only free of any sugar, and is vegan at the same time.It can be prepared in mere 2

Coconut Dry Fruit Ladoo; Fitmeal@15 Episode 11

This festive season has brought you up a healthy, tempting, and very deliciously nutritious “Coconut Dry Fruit Ladoo”.If you are someone, who is always excited about Diwali sweets, this is the recipe for you and your loved ones.Not only it is tasty, easy to make, healthy, rich in nutrients, but it is enriched with the

Healthy 3 Ingredients Atta Gur Cookies

Nowadays, eating desserts or any sweet dish is said to be avoided especially if you want to lose or maintain your weight. The myth is eating anything sweet including desserts, cookies, biscuits, etc. is harmful to your body! The fact is eating refined sugar or sweet dishes and desserts excessively is harmful! With these “Healthy