Oats and Poha Snack/Breakfast

Poha is one of the most loved grains for breakfast in north Indian kitchens, and is constantly trending for various reasons. Some of them are taste, nutrition, and being very light on the stomach, hence easily digestible. We have combined this ingredient with another very prominent grain trending due to its amazing nutritional profile and

High Protein Sattu Choco Bites

If you have a sweet tooth like me, but doesn’t jump onto desserts because of guilt, then this is the recipe you need to have a look at.“High Protein Sattu Choco Bites” is amazingly delicious and nutritious at the same time. It is loaded and jam-packed with the goodness of ingredients rich in protein, fiber,

Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream; No Milk, No Banana, No coconut.

Healthy Ice-cream? Does that even exist?Yes, it does!This dairy free chocolate ice cream is jam-packed with the goodness of some amazing ingredients, prepared without much time and efforts, and can be enjoyed and consumed in moderation in these scorching summers. https://youtu.be/s6FbzlbxPkw HEALTH BENEFITS Enhances mental performance.It aids in bone strengthening.Helps in weight loss.Blood sugar levels

Healthy Dalia Breakfast Bowl Recipe for Weight Loss.

We intentionally choose a nutritious meal because the trend is towards healthy living. Consider it a healthy trait or a growing desire to appear good: even something as simple as a bowl of dalia appeals to health-conscious people. Why not, right? when this nutritious dish is packed with high-fiber advantages and aids in weight loss.This

Summer Energy Bars; Ready to Eat Snack.

Energy bars is the best recipe as it serves many purposes, it can be eaten as mid-meal snack, or evening snacks, or even as breakfast if in hurry! And the bonus point is that they are extremely easy to prepare in very less time. Summer energy bars are jam-packed with the goodness of summer-friendly/ cooling

Ragi Coconut Ladoo Recipe | Healthy & Easy 4 Ingredients Summer Snack | Sugar Free | Weight Loss.

Quick energy bites are one of the easiest snacks to make and consume both at the same time. It’s very easy to pre prepare the mid meals and that too without any hassle and much of time. Here are the very healthy, nutritious and delicious “Ragi Coconut Ladoo”. As the name depicts, these ready to

Healthy Multigrain Breakfast For Weight Loss

I always say, that “DIVERSIFICATION IS THE KEY”, and I mean it. No single grain or food has the ability to provide all the essential nutrients to your body. For that, you need to add multi-grains to your diet.And this breakfast is enriched with multi grains, that provide a wide array of vitamins and minerals.It

Dairy and Sugar Free Ice Cream for Weight Loss | Weight Loss and Hormonal Balance.

My most favorite part about summers is “ICE-CREAM”, and why not?Nobody resists, at least I can’t.But whenever we have it, we have it with a pile of guilt, but you don’t need to worry about it anymore.We got your back!Here is the very tasty, delicious, and nutritious Guilt free Ice-cream. https://youtu.be/CNxIwcY-QUE HEALTH BENEFITS Helps in

Refreshing & Instant Summer Sunshine Morning Shake (No oats, No sugar)

Morning shakes are the best form of breakfast if you are someone who is not fond of heavy breakfasts.Not only, they are super healthy and nutritious, but also very easy and instant to make and consume. https://youtu.be/TUA4sgkqLd4 Health Benefits Good for heart.Aids in digestion.Aids in weight loss.Enhances skin and hair.Reduces cholesterol levelsBoosts immunity. Ingredients Carrots2Peanut

Crispy Poha Moong Omelette

Energetic mornings need energetic breakfasts!Today’s breakfast is loaded with the goodness of energy, protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals.It will not only keep you fuller for a longer period of time, but it will also provide tremendous nutrition and amazing health benefits.So, what are we waiting for? https://youtu.be/q8I0YzGDMi8 Health Benefits Gives an instant boost