Healthy Dalia Breakfast Bowl Recipe for Weight Loss.

We intentionally choose a nutritious meal because the trend is towards healthy living. Consider it a healthy trait or a growing desire to appear good: even something as simple as a bowl of dalia appeals to health-conscious people. Why not, right? when this nutritious dish is packed with high-fiber advantages and aids in weight loss.This

Phool Makhana Summer Snack

We are constantly in search of new and healthy snacks, which are easy to prepare and at the same time healthy, nutritious, and delicious. Here is a very unique snack idea, have a look and you are sorted for the day, as it can be very easily prepared from the readily available ingredients in the

High Protein Sprouts Summer Salad

Salads are the best way to celebrate delicious seasonal produce.They are not only tremendously easy to make, but can be so tasty, nutritious and healthy altogether.Today I am sharing my favorite recipe of “High Protein Summer Salad” recipe for you, because it is simply the best.Enriched with the goodness of protein, fiber, essential vitamins and

Fit meal Summer Smoothie Recipe

Making all those old boring smoothies with same or similar ingredients need to change. Variety is the key to consistency!So, today’s smoothie is made up of a fruit with ultimate benefits and amazing nutritional profile.Sapota, also commonly known as “Chikoo” is the important ingredient in this smoothie which makes it different from the usual smoothies.

Summer Fit Shake for Weight Loss

Summers needs shakes!And we need nutritious and healthy shakes!This “Summer Fit Shake” is enriched with the goodness of foods with cooling properties best suited for summers. It is very instantly prepared and is extremely nutritious and delicious. Ingredients Basil seeds (Soaked)1 tsp.Soaked almonds6Green cardamom2Gulkand2 tsp.Soaked quick oats2 tbsp.Plant milk/ Dairy milk150 mlIce cubes (Optional)Some

Ready to Eat Breakfast; High Protein, Fiber & Probiotics; Fitmeal@15 Episode 45.

We want our start of day, breakfast meal to be easy, instant, healthy and most importantly delicious.So, you are sorted for the day!This Ready to eat breakfast is a solution for once and all. It’s not a proper “Granola mixture” but somewhat similar to it, and you can easily make it and store it as

Healthy Oats Methi Breakfast for Weight Loss; Fitmeal@15 Episode 39

Hassle free and nutritionally loaded breakfast is the first demand of the day, so why not solve it for you?Here is the very easy to make, hassle free, High protein, High fiber and nutritionally jam-packed weight loss breakfast in less than 15 minutes.Can’t believe, trust me you will love this recipe as soon as you

Low Carb High Protein Dinner; Crispy roasted veggies; Fitmeal@15 Episode 36

If you are a big fan of veggies just like me, you are at the right place luckily.Here is an amazing low carb high protein and high fiber dinner meal, which is highly delicious, healthy and such an easy recipe to make. HEALTH BENEFITS Aids in weight loss and management.Helps in maintaining blood sugar